Saturday, December 11, 2010

Arthritis? Sceduled for hip/knee replacement?

Scheduled for hip joint replacement January 11, 2010
I have been limping around with a lot of pain for over a year. There is little no cartilage in my hip joints. The doctors took a total of 9 x-rays in two months to confirm. They want to saw my leg bone off, drive a titanium spike down into the bone and put a metal ball in my hip bone.
I am having some success eliminating the pain with the following to possibly grow cartilage with the following daily routine. If you are interested I can send you the info.
I went to the doctor and got 100 steroid pills which speed up your healing process about four times. I am taking 6, 10 mg pills a day for the first three days and tapering off to 5 daily for three days then 4 daily for three days, tree daily for three days, two daily for three days and then one pill a day for three days. Two in morning, two noon and two at night for first three days.
I am 66 which means, I have less than 5 base pairs per turn of DNA so the cell replication rate is much slower than a younger person. When you are born you have 25 base pairs per turn of DNA and your cell division is much faster as is your healing rate. The Prednisone steroids are a bad chemical for cartilage growth but it is necessary to speed up my cell division and repair the damage at a faster rate. If you want to take two more weeks of pain it is up to you.

1. Soy Protien powder “Nature Made” 150 calories 2 scoops: 35% of most vitamins.
2. Super collagen type 1&3 “Neocell” brand for hair, bones, mussel, skin and ligaments 6.6 grams powder mixed into above protein with glass of milk.
3. Gllutamine+ 5 grams taurine 2 grams and glycine 500 mg mixed in one scoop into above drink to metabolize your food better.
4. Instaflex 3 Capsules Glucosamine + Condrinten + pumpkin seed and other stuff.
5. Cats Claw 1 capsules 500 mg – a South American herb.
6. 1 Sentry Silver milti-vitamin for active adults 55+
7. Vitamin C with rose hips 1000 mg.
8. Chromium Picolinate 400 mcg reduces risk type 2 diabetes promotes weight loss.

1. Norwegian Cod Liver oil 1 tablespoon --contains vitamin A and B for eyes etc.
2. Norwegian Cod Liver 2 capsules
3. MSM 1500 from GNC --Very important for joint cartilage.
4. Collagen-C 2 capsules --(regular dosage 6)
5. Co Q-10 100 mg
6. Shark Cartilage 750 mg.
7. D-3 1000 IU
8. ALFALFA COMPLEX with calcium 300 mg, phosphorus 200 mg 10 mg sodium.
9. DHEA 50 mg. Thought to slow the ageing process. Produced by adrenal gland.
10. I aspirin to increase blood flow.
I am also eating more mushrooms, apples and oranges. Mushrooms are reported to help repair joint cartilage. I have no pain and can walk without limping.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Follow the money

Follow the money!
Who had the most to gain?
September 11, 2009 marks eight years since the day of tremendous terrorist attacks in the United States. The tragic events still raise many questions. Why did the twin towers collapse if they were built to stand a much stronger blow? How did eight of the “suicide bombers” remain alive afterwards?
On September 11, 2001 2,973 people were killed in the series of terrorist attacks in New York and Washington. Two twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City tumbled down as a result of the attacks. A part of the Pentagon building was demolished in Washington. Where is the clear footage of the plane crashing on the Pentagon? If it was a plane what happened to the engines and landing gear? Surely there would have been airplane parts lying around.
The WTC used to be a symbol of power of the United States during the end of the 20th century. The towers were built in the beginning of the 1960s to show something grand to Americans and make them feel proud of their nation. The towers were built instead of 164 buildings that were standing on the location of the would-be giants. The total weight of steel, which was used in the construction of the towers, exceeded 200,000 tons. Electric cables used for the buildings had the length of 3,000 miles, which is a half of the distance between New York and London. As a result, two 110-storeyed 450-meter high monsters changed NY’s skyline for good, as everyone believed.
The structure of the buildings was simple and wise: the buildings were designed to stand powerful earthquakes. The buildings were opened on April 4, 1973. They could live for ages, but they collapsed in 28 years. The questions, which many people have in this connection, still have no answers.
How could huge steel columns melt because of the kerosene, the burning point of which is four times as low as the smelting point of steel? About a dozen of cargo planes loaded with white phosphorous should have slammed into each of the two towers to make them collapse like a house of cards. Or the buildings should have been previously mined.
There are plenty of versions to explain what really happened in the USA on September 11, 2001. Newsweek wrote on September 16, 2001 that five of 19 hijackers had been trained at US army bases. Three terrorists had driver licenses and technical passports of the vehicles registered at the US naval base in Pensacola.
The mysterious details of the terrorist acts set off speculation about the possible participation of US top officials being involved in the attacks to use them to reach their political goals.
If it is true it only means that US strategists had not thought of anything new. Roman Emperor Nero set Rome on fire to blame Christians for that. Hitler set Reichstag ablaze to lay the blame for it on his adversaries.

The USA resorted to a number of political provocations in its history before. In 1898, the Americans imitated a Spanish attack on the United States in Havana to deprive Spain of its control over Cuba. In 1911, Hurst, a media mogul and newspaper tycoon, who could lose his land in Mexico, launched a propaganda campaign to make the USA declare war on Mexico. Many of his newspapers wrote that hundreds of thousands of Mexican soldiers were approaching the US borders.
The US administration was informed about Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor, but did not take any measures to prevent it. The people were strongly against the USA’s participation in WWII, whereas the government was eager to play the game of war to enjoy the redivision of the world afterwards. All aircraft-carriers had left Pearl Harbor shortly before the attack, but left outdated battleships there.
Another provocation was made a year later with a view to have Canada involved in the war. It was said that a Japanese submarine supposedly attacked a lighthouse near Vancouver on June 20, 1942. There is every reason to believe that Japan would not have taken such a great risk because of such an insignificant object. It was later said that the type of shells that were used to attack the lighthouse could not be fired from Japanese submarines.
US special services made a global presentation of the complete list of terrorists and their photos several hours after the 9/11 attacks. However, five “deceased” terrorists suddenly emerged in Saudi Arabia. They did not leave the country nor did they hijack the passenger jetliners. Does it mean that the list had been prepared before the attacks?
What about the crash of the Boeing in Pennsylvania? The crater on the site of the plane crash was filled with tiny fragments only. Even if the plane was carrying a cargo of hexogen, the hull would not have been turned into dust.
And here comes the most surprising fact. Condoleezza Rice, who was taking the post of the National Security Advisor at that time, was on the phone with San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown eight years before the tragedy. Ms. Rice recommended the mayor not to fly to New York on September 11th 2001.
Britain’s The Times wrote after the tragedy that George W. Bush let a private plane from Saudi Arabia cross the US territory to pick up about a dozen of Osama bin Laden’s relatives and take them out of the country.
None of Bin Laden’s relatives were summoned to appear at the FBI. There was not even an attempt made to find out if they had any information. Will the mysteries of 9/11 ever be unraveled? --Vladimir Anokhin Pravda.Ru
Ask yourself; who had the most to gain from the demolition of the trade Towers?
1. Israel being a small country with limited soldiers, resources and money needed the US to invade and maintain military bases Iraq. They only have so many soldiers and weapons to fight off the millions of troops in Iran, Saudi Arabia and Iraq all at the same time. There is no way they can survive and that is to get the US motivated to invade Iraq. Five Israeli secret service men were setting up camera equipment on top of a building several block from the Trade towers before they were taken down. The five men were released after the planes crashed into the twin towers.
2. George Bush was a lame duck president that didn’t win the election. He was appointed to the office of president by the Supreme Court. There was no way he could get a consensus in the mostly Democratic Congress to pass any kind of bill let alone the 4000-page Homeland Security Bill. There was no way he could get Congress to agree to invade Iraq without some kind of massive attack upon the United States by a radical Muslim factions. I am not saying he is directly responsible for sacrificing 2,973 Americans but you have to admit that this was the only way he could get the Christian Right riled up enough to go along with an attack on a sovereign nation without any weapons of mass destruction. Dick Chaney on the other hand probably knew about the attack and helped pull the strings to train the pilots at the Pensacola, Florida Air Station.
3. The Homeland Security Bill designed to subvert our constitutional rights by giving much more power to the executive branch of our government was a huge 4000-page document. No Congressman could possibly read it all before it was signed it into law. You can’t put something like that together at the spur of the moment and get it passed though congress without many months of preparation. They worked on that bill over a year before 911.
4. Larry Silverstein of Silverstein Investment Company (paid money down) one month before the Trade Towers and Building Seven were bought down. He bought them from Zion Shipping who had an office across the street from the trade Towers. Building Seven was the FBI records building. The FBI was cleared of any wrong doing with a massive stroke of good luck.
Mr. Silverstein is seen on national news giving the order to pull the plug on Building Seven. British Broadcasting Company announced the destruction of the Trade Towers on national television before the attack. The buildings are seen standing in the background while the announcer is reading the news of the attack.

Mr. Silverstein got an extra 1.3 billion by received double indemnity from the insurance carrier General Electric because it was ruled a terrorist attack. The insurance carrier was General Electric who is the Illuminati. Is this their way of paying Mr. Silverstein off?

5. I am convinced that all Federal Buildings in every state are wired with explosives to bring them down in case of any kind of emergency thereby eliminating any kind of paper trail that may implicated government workers for their many transgressions against the people. After the so-called truck bomb filled with fertilizer went off demolishing the front of the Murah Building in Oklahoma City FBI agents are seen on local television stations removing five additional deposits of high explosives planted in the support columns.

On 17 April 1995, the FBI building was supposedly blown up by Timothy
McVeigh and Terry Nichols with contrary evidence to prove this. However 5-10
seconds before the explosion, the FBI building shook violently, as in an
earthquake according to Mason. Seismic evidence recorded showed a
double-pronged explosive energy event, with two nearly identical 3-5 second,
low amplitude multiple wave trains, separated by a null field, occurring
over a 9 second interval after the initial seismic action 5-10 seconds
before the blast. A loud click before the explosion was heard as well.
Sparks came out of wires in the building before, lights went out 5 seconds
before and an ionizing electrical sensation of hot air flow prior to the
explosion. An eyewitness about 200 meters away from ground zero watched a
silver-white light flash or beam coming out the top of the building,
followed by a large blue-white electrical arcing flash or beam, followed by
an orange-red light flash or beam that shot out the top of the building 5
seconds before the explosion. This was followed immediately by two explosive
shock waves, that came out of the base of the building. Several cars on the
above ground carpark, had electrical ignition computers burnt out
completely, as well as many office computers getting burnt out circuit
boards, and Mason says these facts point to a major EM pulse attack.
Everything up to almost a mile from ground zero had been knocked down and
shattered, the devastation was beyond belief. At the epicenter steel girders
were twisted like spaghetti, but no witnesses described any kind of fireball
or fiery effects. There was just pre-explosion light flashes, followed by
pure energy waves, with a very high plasma-type heat affecting car paint.
Aerial photos of the FBI building show two nearly identical tube-like damage
forms running through the building, representing slightly displaced near
vertical, but divergent beam/pulse orientations, suggesting an orbital
platform was used. Was it even a cosmosphere or even a satellite?

According to Bill Morgan: "If you can cause an earthquake you can also set
it to, say, bring down a single building or a pair of buildings.” It may be
that the collapse of WTC twin towers was actually the first major scalar
attack in world history. Because in a certain mode the waves at the
interference zone can cause metal to soften, even to melt. If so, the planes
crashing into them were merely a cover story to cloak the fact that the
Tesla Howitzer had been used. A mishap with one of these devices could wipe
out all life on earth. They could disrupt the scalar wave balance between
earth and sun in such a way that would cause massive solar disturbances and
storms, completely frying the earth." It's possible that the metal softening
mode was set for both the FBI building and the WTC twin towers, which may
have caused the buildings to collapse. A UFO was seen at the WTC and filmed
by some Japanese who were at the scene. They put it online as a video. It
appeared to have been cloaked. Who was in it? Could more than one faction
have been involved besides the bombs placed on the supports (heard by
firemen going off), the planes hitting and the scalar attack. Did an outside
scalar attack take advantage of a first hit by someone else?

I did notice a big tube shaped tank under one jet plane that could have contained thermite. A white flash detonated whatever was in the tank at the moment of impact.

What happened to the 500 tons of gold buried in the basement of trade Tower 1? Did it wind up in Canada or was it relocated to a Singapore bank under Muslim control? Was this our government’s way of paying off the people who orchestrated the attack?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Globalist Depopulation Agenda

False Flag BP oil disaster

Goldman Sachs sold 44% of its BP stock during the first quarter of this year which lost 36% of it value of 96-million dollars.

Goldman Sachs invested the money in Nelco, the manufacturer of corexit the toxic oil dispersant which evaporates and degrades into arsenic causing arsenic rain on land into people’s drinking water. Nelco hired another Globalst, the CEO of Monsanto to run the company.

Haliburton acquired the cleanup company Boots and Coots on site days before the explosion on BP’s Deep Water Horrizon.

BP reports cite undocumented tampering with well sealing equipment. BP’s testimony briefing also notes that the Hydraulic Control System on equipment designed to automatically seal the well in an emergency was modified without their knowledge some time before the explosion.

The disaster is not so much a spill but a colossal underwater volcanic eruption spewing out 2.5 million gallons of crude oil a day. This has been going on for more than 45 days with an absolute media blackout of the real situation. This could take years to cleanup.

Compared to the EXXON Valdez Tanker which official state records say spilled spilled 11-million gallons. (Actually it was more like 22-million gallons because the three smaller tankers that went along side to pump out the Exxon Valdez took off much seawater along with the oil that was leaking into the ship. The state of Alaska was paid 900-million dollars within months while the people affected had to wait over twenty years.) If anyone is interested I can send you a copy of the actual tanker literage reports for $20.00.

Meanwhile there is the real possibility of volcanic tsunamis, superstorms and toxic gas release. The entire state of Florida, most of which is only 50-feet above sea level could be wiped out. Maybe this explains the stockpiling of 500,000 coffins in Georgia last year and the FEMA stockpiling of thousands of UN evacuation vehicles at a Air Force Base in Jacksonville.

One thing is for sure. We need to use this event to shake off lethargy and apathy. There are some wicked plans being carried out right now to destroy the middle class, depopulate the earth and reduce us to a small group of controllers that have the resources and power and the few of us that are left will work as slaves.

This doesn’t’ have to happen. We all need to raise our awareness and consciously choose what we believe and how we act. It requires all citizens on earth to become responsible and spiritually mature. This also means getting off the planet to colonize other biospheres.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Cosmological Ice Ages Scarry book!

I plotted our sun’s course through space to discover that our sun was born in the constellation Orion. After the planets were formed Earth was covered with a five-mile-thick coating of ice one billion years. We eventually drifted near the Sirius multiple star system and little Sirius B (1.5 solar masses) grabbed hold of our sun putting it in orbit around Sirius A.

Earth was in the Huronian Glaciation which lasted more than one billion years untill we drifted near the Sirius system. The additional light and heat from the two-solar-mass Sirius A and little Sirius B putting out more than 100 times the UV of our sun is the only thing that could have penetrated Earth's thick atmosphere.

During the rein of the dinosaurs the atmospheric wa.s around 30 pounds per square inch. Now it is 14.5 pounds per square inch. Before our sun was captured by the Sirius system earth had an atmospheric pressure of 750 pounds per square inch. Such an atmosphere extended 2,500 miles above the planet. There was no way sunlight could get through an atmosphere extending 2,500 miles aboue the planet to thaw out mile-deep ice over the oceans.

It took the power of a white dwarf Sirius b putting out more than 100 times the output of our sun to get life started. Our sun does not have enough power to keep us out of the ice ages otherwise we wouldn’t have them! Earth has lost 98% of its atmosphere. Over time the Earth expanded one third in size and the remaining atmosphere was laid down as coal, oil and limestone using photosynthesis and light from these giant stars. We have a limited time to get our act together and get off the planet to seed life in other biospheres.

Saturday, January 16, 2010



After our Sun’s capture by the Sirius system about 700-million years ago the additional light and heat from these giant stars melted the mile-deep ice covering the oceans ending the Huronian Glaciation so that life could begin. If there were any inhabited planets within the Sirius system they would have had 350-million year window of opportunity to observe the beginnings of life on Mars and Earth. Who is to say they didn’t plant some of it?

According to ancient Indian Vedic dating methods the SATYUGI VIMAN was a time period between 3,456,000 BC to 1,728,000 BC when Maharshi Bharadway brought AYURVED from Indralok, one of several planets in the Sirius system. They used such aircraft the Brahma referred to as, PADM – VIMAN (flying cities). Obviously they had mastered the ability to counter gravity with m-state by charging paired electron orbits to repel gravity.

Vishnu’s aircraft that came from a different planet and were referred to as: GURUD VIMAN. (Indonesian Airlines is still called “AIR AGARUDA” today.) These spaceships were square and were two to three miles across. They contained various pressurized buildings interconnected with glass tunnels and looked like cities floating in the sky.

The floating round domed cities still exist today as evidences by NASA video tapes taken from the Columbia during STS 48 tether experiment satellite mission.

I tape recorded an interview several years ago with a person that actually saw one of these floating cities twenty feet above his head. I put the interview in my book, Home of the Angels. Kevin was hunting deer in the woods northwest of Arta Florida when a huge spaceship one mile across floated twenty feet over his head snapping off the tops of the live oak trees cutting a long swath through the woods. It didn’t make any noise except for the sound of branches and trees being crushed.

As Kevin looked up the side of the craft he could see that it was at least six stories high with large rectangular windows much like a cruse ship. He took a shot at it with his hunting rifle to see if he could knock a piece off to keep for evidence but nothing happened. The damage done to the trees is still there today.

Again in 1996 Chile's largest daily La Tercera revealed a tiny secret: the commission was created on the initiative of the ex-commander of the Chilean Air Force, Ramon Vega, who is currently a senator. The senator himself saw UFOs twice and believes that UFOs actually exist, which is why he isn't going to waste time proving their existence.

In 1988, the crew of a spy plane saw "the lights of a city," and they thought that it was the city of Antofagasta, the largest city in the north of Chile. However, suddenly the "city" took off and flew! The plane's crew was scared to death and immediately made their way back to their base.

Obviously modern humans didn’t come from this planet. Evolution is real but it takes too long. Life is usually extinguished on planets before advanced thinking life forms can evolve. That is why it is necessary for present day humans to get their act together and fulfill the prime directive of getting off their planet to assist life forms to evolve in other biospheres.

To make a hand for example, with an opposed thumbs, takes hundreds of millions of years. First trees would have to evolve and grow fruit. Then primates have to evolve to eat those fruits. When the fruits became scarce and hard to reach their necks had to grow longer in order to reach the fruit. The other alternative was their arms developed to climb the trees. The ones with shorter thumbs fell out of the tree more often and died while the long thumb primates survived. After millions of years the long thumb primates discovered that they could use tools and their brains developed self awareness and could think into the future. Precognition of future events allowed them to survive cataclysmic floods and in coming meteors while all others died out. Eventually they noticed other developing planets around nearby star systems. The rest is history.

The ancient floating cities left their home planet and accelerated toward the Solar system at one standard-gravity. The inhabitants never experienced weightlessness. Upon reaching the midway point they turned in a circle maintaining some gravity and then decelerated at one standard-gravity for the remainder of the trip.

The idea was to colonize and claim new planets. When they arriving at their destination they gently touched down at strategic locations near streams, lakes and sheltered sea ports around the world. Within a few years roads were built between cities and the ships themselves would meld into the planet to be covered over with dust. Space invaders arriving a few thousand years later would think that Earth’s inhabitants were its original inhabitants and no one would be the wiser.

The round cities of Stone Henge, Electris and Troy over these ancient landing sites. They colonized sites on Earth that resembled the stars in the sky with the bends in the nearby river representing the Milky Way. The magnetic anomalies and people experience spiritual feelings when visiting these ancient sites.

The runs of ARKIM, the cradle of civilization are built on top of one of these sites. The timbers of the flooring of the houses had been imbued with a fire proof substance, a strong compound – the remains of which can still be found today. The Eurasian people were cemented with a spiritual bond far older than those of Christianity, Judaism or Islam.

ARKA means sky and IM means earth. The cities were ancient ARKs that once flew through space from another planet to colonize Earth. The architecture was planned out with great detail in advance with sewer and water systems—or was it brought in from another planet in its entirety? Afterward people built city after city on top of the same sacred ruins.

Earth is periodically assaulted with objects from space that wipe out most of the population. Underground cities and tunnels were built to safeguard their technology and to defend Earth from future space invaders. People have seen flying saucers come out of these tunnels and shoot laser beams at other flying ships approaching Earth from space. They seldom shoot each other down. It is much like a cold war between the United States and the Soviet Union. They frequently embark on recognizance missions to see if the other still has the technology to defend themselves.

It was one of these ancient missile silos that opened up and shot down a huge invading ship over Tunguska in 1908. Prior to the event witnesses saw something leaving the Earth shooting upwards in the sky.
A ship of about 220 million pounds entered Earth's atmosphere above Siberia at a speed of about 33,500 miles per hour. It never hit the ground. The energy produced was nearly 200 times more powerful than the Hiroshima bomb. The blast flattened the forests for a radius of thirty miles.

Scientists studying the event core drilled holes in the surviving trees many miles away from the blast revealing a tiny layer of radioactivity.

“At around 7:17 on the morning of June 30, 1908, a man based at the trading post at Vanavara in Siberia is sitting on his front porch. In a moment, 40 miles from the center of an immense blast of unknown origin, he will was hurled from his chair and the heat was be so intense that he will felt as though his shirt was on fire. The man at the trading post, and others in a largely uninhabited region of Siberia, near the Podkamennaya Tunguska River, accidentally witnessed the cosmological history.”

At one time the entire Earth was mapped, claimed and surveyed. People call them lay lines. These lay lines of giant stone monuments stretching hundreds—even thousands of miles in absolutely strait lines are still visible today in England and Central America, Greece and at various other places around the world.

For some unknown reason ancient Indians never allowed the DIVYA – ASTRA to collide with each other during time of war. They had more respect for human life than we do today. (The word ASTRA is the root word of astral pertaining to or consisting of stars. We’re talking about starships here.)

Eventually the vanity of Brahma and Vishnu reached a point where they fire “Brama – Astra” and “Sudarshan Chakra” on each other…There was widespread destruction but the collision of these weapons are stopped by Shiva (in the form of Linga – slambha)…

Before the war, Vishnu greeted Brahma by writing “Brahmane Namah,” a white Biahma greets back with “Vishnuve Namah”…a formal declaration of War.

*Note they didn’t shoot each other down in ancient times. Even the wars were highly principled… We can indeed learn a lot from them…

In TREATA – YUGA (1,728,000 BC to 846,000 BC), the aircraft developed to the large TRIANGLE SHAPE. At that time the atmospheric pressure on Earth was twice what it is today so that airships filled with helium could lift twice as much as they do today. India has the largest supply of helium in the world.

(Helium leaks out of the ground in India and it could be a source of future energy when used in helium-3 reactors. This would make India the greatest leader of the world once again.)

The RUKMA VIMAN were powered by mercury. The drawings and test in the book, Vimanika Shastra published in 1923 by the Sanskrit Institute located at Mysori, India describe spiral iron pipes containing mercury. The sound they make when activated is described as “roaring like a lion.”

Spiral iron pipes were used to power Hermes ship as he traveled around Ancient Greece healing the sick. There is a model of such a device hanging on the wall in practically every doctor’s office in the nation.

By thinking about this ancient object I reasoned that centrifugal force would push the liquid metal mercury up the spiral pipes when the object is rotated. The spiral is tapered outwards making the engine more efficient. When the liquid metal reaches the top and forced in toward the central column centripetal force makes it spin faster. The 180-degree bend alters the direction of the heavy metal exerting an upward force.

Indian “mythology” has a long list of extraterrestrial contacts…

About 1.7 million years ago Indra (ruler of an ET (ARYAN LIKE) civilization requests RISHI VAICARYA to come to INDRALOK… (His planet??) This is a unique honor to the accomplished sage…however he refuses to go…as Ram was about to be ‘his’ guest.

The first record of the misuse of technology occurs as Ravan uses “Pushpak” aircraft to abduct SITA, the Aryan Princess. SITA was the chief cause of the RAMAYAN WAR…

Now comes DWAPAR YUGA (864,000 BC to 18 February 3102 BC).

Aircraft are developed further as the designs change into a tubular or circular shape. In this era aircraft were used in the war between the Kashi and Utkal, the war between the Krishna’s republic and the Shalva and finally the Mahabharat War....

The Mahabharat War (3102 BC) was in a real sense the first World War because 5.5 million soldiers expired in just 18 days. The casualties are:
(a) 393,660 elephants
(b) 1,181,880 horses
(c) 393,660 Rath (calvalry)
(d) 1,968,300 soldiers

Around 80 kingdoms fought the war… Besides Indo-Aryan Dynasties,
Dravidians, Scythians (Shaka), Yavans (Greeks), Chin (Chinese), Huns, Persians (Phalavs), and Parthians.

In one way or another, the whole world was there hence it was the first World War. The Indus Valley is filled with ruins and them most radioactive skeletons in the world.

If one were to take the Mahabharata at face value as an actual historical document then you have to conclude that the Nagas got involved in a high tech war with the Atlanteans. Both civilizations were destroyed. Nobody won the war because atomic weapons were used.

This is evidenced by the many areas of atomic green glass and vitrified stone structures found all over the world from Greece to Scotland. There are ancient ruins containing areas of green glass even in the middle of the Sahara Desert.

Modern scientists tried to duplicate the vitrification process by building huge bonfires against stone walls in Scotland. There was no way the wood fires could achieve temperatures high enough to melt stone into glass.

The highly developed advanced stone cities with running water and sewer systems at Harappa and Mohenjo Daro (mound of the dead) were completely destroyed in an instant and melted into the green glass. Many skeletons were found laying in the street holding hands and their bones were more radioactive than any on Earth. One can only conclude that an atomic explosion had wiped them out.

Why would extraterrestrials give high technology to humans and then sit back to watch the carnage? It wasn’t extraterrestrials that gave us high technology. We took it with us when we lift our home planets in other star systems and the technology has been buried and hid form us ever since for obvious reasons. It war itself like our modern football games only on a global scale.

The few survivors of this horrible war were animal herders living in a fertile, grassland in central Asia that is now known as the Gobi and Taklamakan Deserts. DNA tests on the hundreds of mummies buried there confirm that they were Caucasians. This classical picture of ancient China will have to be modified after the recent unearthing of mummified Caucasians up to 4,000 years old in China's northwestern province of Xinjiang.

These dried corpses have the long noses, deep-set eyes, and long skulls typical of Caucasians. Some even have blonde hair! Some 113 such corpses have already been excavated at Qizilchoqa, one of four sites discovered so far. It is clear that we are dealing with permanent settlements and not merely a few lost Europeans.
"Besides the riddle of their identity, there is also the question of what these fair-haired people were doing in a remote desert oasis. Probably never wealthy enough to own chariots, they nevertheless had wagons and well-tailored clothes.
Were they mere goat and sheep farmers? Or did they profit from or even control prehistoric trade along the route that later became the Silk Road? If so, they probably helped spread the first wheels and certain metal-working skills into China."
V. Mair, a professor of Chinese at the University of Pennsylvania, has been spearheading the research on these mummies for the U.S. He asserts that, contrary to the general belief, there was a substantial two-way, east-west flow of ideas and inventions beginning at least 3,000-4,000 years ago. The Caucasians didn’t appear in central Asia again until Europe came out of the last Ice Age.

India retained more than 1/3 the GDP of the world till 1500 AD. India was known as ARYAVART – abode of Aryans. India and China were the richest countries in the world followed by Persia.
A few years ago the Chinese discovered Sanskrit documents in Lhasa, Tibet and sent them to the University of Chandrigark to be translated. Dr. Reyna of the University said that the documents contain directions for building a spaceship!!!
The word, ‘SAUBIKA’ ‘means one who flies’ or ‘one who knows the art of flying and aerial city!!! Kautilya uses another significant word, ‘AKASA YODHINAH’ which means ‘people who are trained to fight from the sky.’

Earth extinctions and wars killed off most of Earth inhabitants. The advanced technology was buried and kept from mankind for thousands of years because they weren’t ready. We are now just reaching this state again where we have the ability to wipe out Earth’s populations in a few hours.

The Anunnaki arrived on Earth from Mars about 300,000 year ago. At that time Mars was loosing its atmosphere. They needed gold to burn into the white powder which they ate to extend their lives thousands of years and increase their mental abilities.

The Anunnaki are frequently pictured as large angelic beings with wings and a bird like beak. After trying to use the local tribes of Neanderthals which were to strong and dangerous they decided to create a weaker race of slave humans that would worship them. So the Anunnaki God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let “them” have dominion over the fowl in the air, and over the cattle, and over all the Earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the Earth.”

The Anunnaki created ADAM in a clay pot one of their laboratories. This may be where the idea came from that God made man out of the dust of the Earth. Then they created humans in different forms and placed them around the globe to form the different races you see today.

The aquatic Oonaes most likely came here from a water planet in the Sirius system when our Sun came close to their planet that was orbiting around Sirius. They walked up out of the sea contributed much scientific knowledge to the ancient Greeks. They are pictures on ancient cylinder seals as fish like or wearing a fish suit with scales.

Do to an encounter with comets that destroyed most of the Mars atmosphere the Anunnaki were forced to leave Mars and came to Earth. They could fly about in ships and other craft based upon the white stone antigravity powder set in gimbals. It was controlled by the initiates or priest pilots.

The NAGAS who landed in India preferred kick back and live the life of luxury on Earth. They leaked some of their technology to spiritual humans of the ancient Indian Rama Empire. The humans preferred to recapture their ancient heritage by and going out into space—even colonizing Mars once again in fleets of flying Vimanas.

Let’s try using basic logic:

In my book Cosmological Ice Ages I proved that our sun was captured by and is still in a highly elliptical 105,000 year orbit around the Sirius system. The Ice Ages began 2.7-million years ago. For the first time in 650-million years the Earth had ice caps. The first Ice Ages only lasted 5 to 10 thousand years but as our elliptical orbit steadily increased we went out further and further away from Sirius and Earth froze up. The ice caps grew ever larger and the last Ice Ages eventually growing to cover most of the planet every 105,000 years.

Zacheria Sitchins translations of ancient Sumerian scrolls talk about the Anunnaki coming to Earth in a journey lasting eight years in spaceships filled with water. This may have some validity as spaceships filled with water would be about the only way a living creature could survive the deadly space radiation. Biological organisms can only endure so much radiation until their immune systems and cell reproduction rates can’t keep up with cell damage. Water being a good, non-compressable radiation shield plus a basic necessity for life would protect the inhabitants in a small spaceship.

This story is logically acceptable but traveling in small cramped quarters for eight years would put them in a bad mental state. Enduring such torture for such a long period of time would tend to make them show little compassion for others—especially the indigenous populations. Maybe this is the reason the Old Testament God wiped out whole cities when their inhabitants displeased him.

When the giant Anunnaki first arrived on Earth there were no ice caps to hinder their gold mining explorations because the sun was close to Sirius. They had to do battle with indigenous giants that ate meat and other large predators such as giant bears and saber tooth tigers. They tried using the heavy set Neanderthals as slaves but they lacked the ability to communicate with speech.

After enduring two Ice Ages each lasting over a hundred thousand years they decided to terra-form Earth by bringing the Moon in 11,713 years ago. They bounced it off the Arctic Ocean. At that time the north rotational pole was situated over south Greenland. At the time the Arctic Ocean contained several large islands known as Ultima Thule and a city known as Azgard populated by tall blond Nordic hunters. Azgard was crushed into the Earth by the incoming moon. Some of the Rigelics had time migrate south into northern Europe and Siberia before the moon hit. and