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The primary objective of Apollo 11 was to complete a national goal set by President John F. Kennedy on May 25, 1961: perform a crewed lunar landing and return to Earth. The following recording was taped by radio armatures monitoring the lunar landin:
Neil Armstrong, "The Eagle has landed…"
NASA, “What’s there?” ON THE MOON
NASA’s Mission Control asked the question to Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldren, “What’s there???”

Apollo 11, Neil Armstrong replied, “These babies are ‘enormous!” “Oh my God, you wouldn't believe it!” “I ‘me telling you, there are other spacecraft out there lined up on the far side of the crater edge! They’re watching us!”

Mission Control, “Ignore them! Just do your job.”
We were warned never go back to the moon!

Ben rich, former head of Lockheed Skunk Works said:
“We already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects and it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity…..” “Anything you can imagine, we already know how to do.”

After Carl Sagan placed the gold music recording and the gold plate with drawing and measurements of the male and female human forms along with a description of our DNA and our planetary system it was launched toward the star constellation Hercules.
Arecibo, the largest radio telescope in the world sent a radio message in the direction of Hercules. Why Hercules?

Twenty seven years later a complex crop circle appeared in an English field next to a large radio telescope. It was almost an exact replica of gold plate that was placed in the Pioneer Satellite. Upon further inspection it was discovered that it described humanoids three and a half feet tall who were silicon base life forms with a triple spiral DNA. Was the Pioneer satellite sent in the direction of planet Serpo?

One day later another crop circle appeared in the same area depicting an alien gray-like figure holding a disk containing digital information of some sort. Deciphering the data the disk contained the following message: “Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises, much pain but there is still time.” “There is good out there. We oppose deception.” Conduit closing. (Bell sound).

Was the Pioneer satellite sent in the direction of planet Serpo?
In the 1950’s Ike Eisenhower had made a deal with the gray aliens to trade DNA for technology. Our government sent twelve astronauts, ten men and two women to the planet Serpo located approximately twelve light years distant. The astronauts traveled in one of the large alien flying saucer spacecraft in a journey that lasted nine months.

Ten years later eight of them returned to Earth with volumes of information and film footage. The trip back to Earth was accomplished in a much larger spaceship only lasting six months.
 This makes sense if the planet Serpo is in the direction of Hercules because the galaxy gravity is strongest in the direction of Earth from Hercules. In my book, COSMOLOGICAL ICE AGES I plotted our course through space from Hercules to discover that our sun was born in Orion.   
Two of our astronauts’ one man and one woman elected to stay on the planet Serpo and two had died on the arid planet Serpo in an accident. Serpo is a rather arid planet smaller than Earth with one ocean and a population of approximately 500-thousand people. If you want to know more type Serpo into any search engine…

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With just 45 days before the FCC order reducing the Internet to a public utility takes effect, we actually have some good news today!
The inventors of the Internet are headed to court to try to stop the FCC from regulating it.1
No, Donahue, it isn’t Al Gore – sorry to disappoint you.  This group is made up of pioneers who were actually responsible for shaping the Internet we use today.  And they know that FCC regulation will destroy everything that makes the Internet great.
As they put it: “a regulated company cannot serve two masters – regulator and customer – the regulatory requirements to which a regulated company is subject always trump customer needs.”2
They officially filed their petition for a stay with the FCC yesterday and plan to take it to court in two weeks. But it’s simply impossible to predict what the courts will do, and the future of the Internet is too important to be decided by judges.
Send a letter to Congress and let them know you strongly oppose the FCC order to regulate the Internet by clicking here.
Donahue, I am counting on you to stand with the pioneers of the Internet against Obama, Tom Wheeler, and the FCC.
On June 12 – just 45 days from today – Obama’s plan will come into effect.
Unless Congress acts or the court grants a stay, we could have just 45 more days of the Internet these pioneers created.  The Internet that has been such a remarkable free-market success story.
Donahue, as I said, your support is crucial to make this happen. Democrats are finally coming to the negotiating table. We must keep the pressure on.
It’s as simple as clicking here to make your voice heard in Congress.
If you don’t act now, we might be witnessing the beginning of the end of Internet freedom.
Phil Kerpen
President, American Commitment
1. Kathryn Bachman, "Internet pioneers to file lawsuit against FCC net neutrality order," Katy on the Hill, April 16, 2015.
2. Voice Exchange Communication Committee, “Declaration of Daniel Berninger,” FCC filing, April 27, 2015.
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PAID FOR BY AMERICAN COMMITMENT, Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee. This email was sent to Donahue Wait. To remove yourself from this list, click here.

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Walmart stores to BE used for slave labor...


Sunday, April 26, 2015 7:35
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Sometimes life just hands us the answer that we are looking for. We might call this a word of knowledge, a prophecy or a sudden moment of insight. Regardless of what we call the event, the message that we receive is so very overwhelming that we have inner awareness that this is the truth. I recently had my moment of sudden clarity and with all the information that I have collected on Jade Helm, I instantly understood why and where these events are taking us unless we have divine intervention.

Rick Joyner’s Prophetic Dream

Back in August of 2014, Rick Joyner shared a prophetic dream and he shared the content of that dream on his broadcast. Joyner told of ISIS flooding across the U.S. border wreaking mayhem and devastation. ISIS committed the same types of ISIS atrocities as we have seen in Syria and Iraq, only worse. Joyner stated that it is was clear that the federal government was responsible for the unfolding holocaust in the Southwest because of this administration’s nonexistent border policies. As a result, the dream foretold how the people of the United States will come to look at the federal government as being complicit for what was happening to American citizens at the hands of ISIS and its allies.
Joyner shared that the people of the country formed militias in order to fight back. In a stunning development, Joyner saw how the people wanted to hunt down  employees from the federal government and perform the same atrocities to them as what was happening to Americans at the hands of ISIS.

The American People and the States vs. ISIS and Friends

Joyner shared that the states will refuse to cooperate with the federal government and hold them accountable and that the states and citizen militias will be in open rebellion against this federal tyranny.
It will not be safe to be a federal official during this time, according to Joyner. He clearly stated that government officials will begin to go into hiding. This is exactly what we see with the reopening of Cheyenne Mountain where the elite have a place to run to. The Bush family, almost a decade ago purchased a large piece of property in Paraguay. What do they know that most of us do not yet know? Even state officials are becoming leery. Sounding like the weak excuses given for closing Walmarts from around the country. Governor Fallin of Oklahoma is vacating the Governor’s mansion. Will this make it harder for angry American to find her in response to her cooperation with the federal government? In the upcoming weeks, I look for this propensity for public officials to be less accessible to increase to the point where it will be obvious to all .

Hell on Earth

Rick Joyner believes that the bowels of hell have opened up. He stated that ISIS was not acting alone. This is very consistent with we know about ISIS as they are aligned with the Mexican drug cartels who, in turn are aligned with Hamas, Hezbollah,  the Sanchez Peredes Cartel, the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda. Since Hamas and Hezbollah run guns for the Russians, I am beginning to suspect that the Russians are playing their hand in this as well. Back in August of 2014, Joyner had no way of knowing how accurate this would prove to be.

Joyner’s Description of the ISIS Threat Is Stunning In Its Accuracy

ISIS base camp near El Paso.
ISIS base camp near El Paso.
I am awestruck by Joyner’s description of the ISIS threat given what we know about the ISIS base camp 8 miles from El Paso, TX and this fact was unknown to him at the time of the publication. Recently, the SGT Report interviewed  Garcia from Judicial Watch. Judicial Watch identifed an ISIS base camp. The documentation is overwhelming and double sourced. How many other camps are there? They are poised and awaiting the right moment.

When Joyner published this video, featured below, Jade Helm was unknown to all of us. However, if we look at the original premises behind Jade Helm 15, this is what I would expect a federal government to do when they are fighting for survival as Jade Helm is preparing to do the following:
  1. Declare certain states to hostile states (i.e. Texas, Utah and part of Southern California).
  2. The extraction of potential dissident leadership. Hence, we see the practicing of infiltration techniques, extraction drills and transport to a detention facility (Ft. Lauderdale, FL. on March 27, 2015).
  3. Possess the ability to isolate certain communities. This would be the role of the 82nd Airborne. This is also why we are witnessing the movement of massive amounts of military equipment. Further, the Canadians and the Amercians are drilling along the Canadian border in preparation for the roll-out of Jade Helm.
  4. The Walmarts are being seized and set up to impose forced detention
Seven States?
Seven States?
Here is Rich Joyner’s video presentation of his dream.

If this did not send chills up and down your spine, nothing will.

Lightening Strikes Twice

The Jade Helm logo clearly means something significant as to the purpose of the drill. There have been many guesses but nothing resonated with me until I watched this video. Jade Helm is about establishing concentration camps on American soil.
I was watching the following video as I was waiting for my son in a parking lot and did not expect there to be any significant information coming from the video. About half way through the presentation, the hair on the back of my neck stood up as the narrator showed wooden shoes worn by the Jews in the concentration camps. The wooden shoes were given to the Jews assigned to slave labor…. By this point, I was having a physical reaction to what I was watching because Executive Order 13603 calls for the use of slave labor in which the conscripts are called “consultants” and consultants are not paid. The video brought this all together when the faint image of the show, on the Jade Helm logo was a precise match to the old wooden shoes given to the enslaved Jews working as slave laborers.
Here is the video from Nathan Leal:

When I write articles, I like to overwhelm the reader with documentation which demonstrates the true nature of an event, the character of a person, or the trend curve for what we are presently observing. Today’s article is not a reflection of any of these approaches. I believe that I was given a word of knowledge which will assist me in my future investigations and I am sharing this with my readers.


Over the course of the past month, I have uncovered massive amounts of information regarding Jade Helm. I am still uncovering information which I will revealing tomorrow. However, in a period of one hour, it was revealed to me what is coming and what the true purpose of Jade Helm truly is.
I have concluded that ISIS will await a moment of opportunity and then wreak havoc across the Southwest and points beyond. The moment of opportunity will either be an economic collapse or a series of false flag events. I fear that this time is almost upon us. I have also concluded that the Jade Helm logo as deciphered in the above video speaks to the absolute enslavement of the American people as Jade Helm is a proactive attempt by the elete to head off a civil war which would occur in response to the aiding and abetting that the federal government has committed against the American people on behalf of an ISIS incursion.
Now that we know what is coming, what are we going to do about it? Before deciding, you may wish to read my article on the Midland Walmart and what we are learning. These findings will be published on Monday.

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Police Make Heartbreaking Discovery Next To White Man Gunned Down By Black Teensby     Top Right News  on  March 22, 2015  in  CrimeFergusonRaceViralBy Brooke Bosca | Top Right NewsA man out for a walk with his dog last week was gunned down by 3 Black teens. When police found the man’s body, they made a heartbreaking find right next to it.As  NBC Philadelphia reported, the 3 black teens got “bored” playing basketball & decided to go rob someone. After seeing a man with a large dog, & deciding not to rob him, they then saw 51-year-old James Patrick Stuhlman walking his terrier
Stuhlman typically walked his dog with his 13-year-old daughter, but on the night of his murder, March 12, he told her to stay home because it was getting dark out, which very likely saved her life.As he walked down the street, Stuhlman, who owned a local landscaping company, saw three teens approach him. They grabbed & robbed him, & shot him once in the leg. They could have just taken his money & run at that point. But they did notAt one point, he did plead for his life,” Captain James Clark said Thursday at a news conference, according to the New York Daily News. "He said, ‘Please don’t shoot me, please don’t shoot me,’ and they still shot him one more time."
That 2nd shot took his life. So “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” really did happen  - not in Ferguson - but in a Black-on-White capital murder in Philadelphia.So when can we expect Barack 0bama, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Eric Holder to demand a civil right investigation? Don’t bet on it.
Police have arrested 15-year-old Brandon Smith. They also arrested a 14-year-old whose name has been withheld — because he is supposedly a “child."They said they decided to rob Stuhlman because his dog was smaller than their intended first target. The shooter who gunned down this father in cold blood, 15-year old Tyfine Hamilton, is “still at large”. Philadelphia police consider him “armed & dangerous.”Smith has been charged in relation to the murder & is still in custody. The unnamed teen was inexplicably just charged with robbery despite being an accessory to murder. Police are offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of Hamilton.Typically, the teens have all been in trouble with the law in the past. It is stunning at what early age vicious murderers are now made. 15? Unbelievable.Capt. Clark warned Hamilton at a press conference: “Get with your parent & turn yourself in before we come & get you…We know where you are.”Philadelphia Police Lt. John Walker said when police arrived at the scene Stuhlman was lying in a pool of blood & already unresponsive. The family man still had his flashlight in his handBut  what police found next to him was heartbreaking. His dog was pawing him, sniffing at his face, & whimpering."The dog was lying next to him - appeared scared & in shock,”   Walker said. “His daughter goes for a walk with him almost every night,” Clark said. “For whatever reason, he said to her, ‘it’s a little late tonight I don’t want you walking with me.’ So in effect, he may have saved his daughter’s life."Thank God he did, but that is small consolation for the young girl who is now without a father, & will forever fear walking at dusk, thanks to the savage brutality these young monsters inflicted on her own dad.Author’s personal note: I don’t usually do this, but feel I must. The media is censoring this story. You know why. They made the Michael Brown fraud front page news for months. But they will bury this REAL “Hands up, Don’t Shoot” horror. It is up to you to share this article with everyone you know. Lert's bypass media censorship & get the truth out there. Thank you. -BB


Yes ladies and gentlemen, THIS is Obama's top adviser.  
Seems as if his promise to fundamentally change America is in full swing.
Had enough yet?

Sunday, April 26, 2015



I have made a short video for you.  Please watch, it will
help you better understand what is happening in Nevada right now.
Sacred Nevada Water
Watch Video on Youtube:

Do Nevada legislators support the federal take over of Nevadans water rights, or are they just ignorant to the facts that the waters are being stolen from the Nevada people?

Yesterday in a late assembly floor session, Jim Wheeler stood in testimony against AB408. AB408 was a bill that made it illegal for the federal government to own water rights in Nevada. 

Jim Wheeler testified that AB408 was messing with Nevada water laws and that water was too sacred in Nevada to be doing this. So this question is in order. If legislators such as Jim Wheel, Robin Titus and Chris Edwards are so concerned about Nevada's water, then why do they support the federal government in stealing thousands of water rights from the people of Nevada?

To help bring some light to this bloody massacre of individual water rights in the west, let me explain. The Nevada Division of Water Resources maintains a water rights registry where all of the deeds to Nevada water rights are listed. 

You can view the actual deed, see who originally established them and see who owns them now. Most water rights were created by our pioneers who established the rights by being the first to beneficially use the water. 

In 1880 the State of Nevada created the water right registry and made it possible for our pioneers to file their rights with the state. Common law in Nevada and most other states make it so that in order to hold on to water rights you have to prove that you are putting the water to beneficial use. If you fail to use them, someone else may prove beneficial use and the right becomes theirs. This good law keeps an individual or a corporation from hoarding water and not allowing people to benefit from it.

So this is where our un-recognizable federal government comes in. Knowing that water is a limited resource and one that will warrant wealth and power (especially in the future), desiring that power for themselves. 

The federal government began a campaign against the citizens of the Western States to steal away their water rights. All they have to do to accomplish this, is get those that own the water rights to stop using them. Once the owner stops using them, then they can file up on the right and make it theirs. 

You may be asking yourself has this really ever happened? In Nevada alone the BLM has done this 2715 times, the U.S. Forest Service has done it 2313 times, the Department of Interior has done it 26 times, and the National Park Service has done this 14 times. Those 4 federal entities in total have stolen 5068 water rights from individuals in Nevada alone.

With supposed power to regulate people off the lands, the federal government restricts ranchers, miners, loggers and many other land users from the use of the lands and therefore the waters. They then use the states own registries to file claim on these peoples rights due to the lack of use. In some cases these federal agencies have later leased or rented the water and other rights back to the very families that they stole it from. 

Making the family pay a fee to use what these federal agencies claim as "their right". In other cases the federal government have forced the water rights owners to give up claim of the water in order to continue to use the land. 

There are several other adverse ways in which these agencies have manipulated the resources away from families that have established these rights thought hard word and much suffering. Time will not allow for me to explain all of them, needless to say our federal government is in business for themselves and not for the people.

You may recall a year ago I was tazered three times for protesting a convoy of federal agents. Around 34 over aggressive federal agents in 13 armed vehicles were escorting a BLM dump truck pulling a backhoe, they had just come off the mountain range on the Bundy ranch. 

These federal agents were trying to keep the protesters from seeing what was in the dump truck. Coming from behind I sacrificed my ATV by driving in front of the dump truck. After the initial crunch I calmly stepped off and demanded to know what they were doing in our mountains with that backhoe. After experiencing a dog attack and a 50,000 volt doubled barbed shock of my life, three times in a row. 

I kept my strength and crawled upon the dump truck to see what was in the back. What I saw was even more shocking to me than a taser. They were up in the mountain tearing out the water infrastructure my family and others had established over a hundred ago. Pipes, concrete, cut up water, tanks and so on is what I saw.

As you may have put together, they were after my fathers water rights. He owns 11 of them, they are deeded to him and filed in the state water registry. If the feds could remove the cattle (which they tried, killing around 60 head). 

Then destroy any way to use the waters,making it impossible for may dad to claim beneficial use. All they would have to do after that, is claim those waters for themselves, the same way they stole the other 5068 water rights in Nevada. You may also find it interesting that grazing rights in Nevada are deeded with stock-water rights. Destroying the Bundy's waters was killing two birds with one stone in the eyes of our so called federal government.

Now we have come full circle. AB408 was drafted to restored the water rights back to the people and preventing these grievous actions from happening again. 

So why would Jim Wheeler, Robin Titus and our very own representative Chris Edwards fight against this? 

I hope it is out of ignorance, I hope it was simply because they are disconnected with what is really happening in the state. 

I hope they just simply do not realize how the people of this state are suffering. After being up in Carson City, Nevada's capital for much longer than I wanted and experiencing what I did, I am left to wonder.

Ammon Bundy

I would like to personally thank the over 14,300 acting supporters of this bill. 
And also the hundreds of thousands that have been keeping an eye on my family.

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April 23rd, 2015 | by Barbara Johnson
Two CIA Agents Arrested by Minutemen while Crossing Mexican Border with 1300 Pounds of Cocaine

El Paso| A group of minutemen watching the Mexican Border for illegal migrants and drug traffickers, have proceeded to the citizen arrest of two men in an SUV, carrying 1300 pounds of cocaine. The volunteers were completely astonished when the two arrestees pulled out CIA ID cards and explained they were actually carrying the drug as part of their duties and that the cargo belonged to the Central Intelligence Agency.

The incident took place last night, in the Chihuahuan desert, near the Texan city of El Paso. A group of seven minutemen saw a large black SUV drive rapidly across the border. They chased the vehicle in their own trucks and achieved to immobilize it after a chase of more than 15 miles.
The vigilantes arrested the two men on board and called the border patrol, who proceeded to search the vehicle. They discovered dozens of packages of cocaine, totalling an incredible 618.4 kilograms (1363 pounds).
The search of the vehicle revealed 36 packages of cocaine, all marked with the symbol of the Sinaloa Cartel, representing a black scorpion.
The two men claim to be CIA operatives based in Mexico and explained that the drug was actually part of an operation of the agency. They presented identity cards that seem to validate their claim, but the CIA spokesperson, Dean Boyd, has officially denied any link between the organization and the two men.

“The CIA doesn’t take part in drug smuggling operations at the US-Mexican border” said M. Boyd. “I do not know, for now, if the men are actually affiliated to the agency in any way, but I can tell you the cocaine doesn’t belong to the CIA.”

Both the border patrol officers and minutemen seem unconvinced, however, and many of them seem to believe that the secret service agency is hiding something. The U.S. custom services have even announced a thorough investigation to try and verify the two men’s story.

“Both of them had valid accreditations and a receipt for their cargo”says Shawn Francis Miller, spokesman of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection for the El Paso sector. “What drug dealer in his right mind, demands a receipt for 1300 pounds of cocaine? There is really something strange about these guys, and we believe the CIA possibly knows more than what it is ready to admit.” 

The custom services have confirmed that the two men, who can’t be identified due to the Intelligence Identities and Protection Act of 1982, did carry valid CIA identifications and that the vehicle was indeed registered as a service vehicle of the organization.
The two men remain under the custody of the custom services at the moment, and are still being interrogated in a facility near El Paso. They are facing charges of possessing, trafficking and importing illegal drugs, and could face other criminal charges once the investigation is over.
Both the FBI and the DEA have announced that they would collaborate with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection on this case, which as already attracted a lot of attention in Southern Texas.


Alaska Frontier Nurse

Autobiography of Lois Kroll, Henry's mother
While working for the Frontier Nursing Service in Kentucky and as Public Health Nurse in Alaska, Lois delivered more than 200 babies.
Lois first came to Alaska in 1937 after answering a small newspaper ad requesting a Public Health Nurse in Seldovia, Alaska. She applied for the position and to her surprise was accepted. When the Alaska Steamship Company ship, Aleutian arrived in Seldovia she remarked in her diary, "I met the outgoing nurse and inherited her cat and the boyfriend."
Upon arriving in Seldovia, Lois discovered that the landscape was dotted with outhouses. The people had no running water and were drinking polluted well water. Influenza, colds, and dysentery ran rapidly through the population. She immediately petitioned the Town Council to raise money for a pipeline and organized a group of men to install the water line from a makeshift dam at Fish Creek. Her job consisted of inoculating the population against typhoid, diphtheria, and smallpox and generally improve the living conditions and health of the people. Her territory was Seldovia, Homer, Kenai, Anchor Point, Port Graham and English Bay. The city of Soldotna didn't exist yet.
Having babies is a life and death matter. The stress of this occupation can wear heavy on a person after a few years. Here in her own words is her story titled, Frontier Living written for the Seattle, Ballard Senior Center 1990.
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Henry Kroll
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Author - Lois Kroll
Published 2014
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Mad Trapper of Alaska

Legendary pioneer and bush pilot.
This is the story of Henry Kroll I, who ran away from home at age eight and was raised by the Nez Perce Indians, learning their language and culture. He later became a circus strongman, chopper pilot, commercial fisherman, and deputy US Marshall. Henry was a constant source of invention and excelled at everything he did. He was fluent in seven languages. As a musician, he played every instrument. Every day was an adventure. From trapping live wolverines to defending himself from a bear with an axe, there was nothing he couldn't do. Read about the adventures of this fascinating man.
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Factual accounts by various authors, Henry Kroll
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Die with the Most Toys: Stuff you didn't learn in school

A Self-Help Guide
This amazing self-help guide provides the reader with an abundance of sensible, hands-on, and usable information. The author has put together IRS regulations, and tax tips for the financially affluent, proven business ventures for the middle class, and tips on how to get ahead, for the less affluent. This book contains powerful information on how to shop for second-hand furniture, appliances, bargain food, and other household items, as well as suggestions for reducing the cost of utilities. Very enlightening!
Author - Henry Kroll
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Cosmological Ice Ages

Light years ahead of our present level of science the Authors, Brad Guth and Henry Kroll plotted our sun's course from Orion to Hercules to discover that we are in a 105,000-year elliptical orbit around a white dwarf star. At our closest point of one-tenth light year this star doubles the incoming invisible, ultraviolet light striking Earth creating the many layers of coal, oil and limestone laid down between ice ages. These are carbon-based, resources taken out of our atmosphere by plant growth using an invisible ultraviolet light from space. The same process that made the gypsum sheet rock on the wall of your house also made the oxygen you are currently breathing. You can't drive a car without a neutron star!
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Cosmological Ice Ages Book Two

Ice ages can come on in as little as ten to twenty years and last over 90,000 years. Most arable land is covered with mile-high sheets of ice. People can't grow food and have to move south or starve to death and freeze. We have less than fifteen-thousand, years between ages to develop technology to get off the planet to live in space, colonize other worlds, leave a record of our existence and we are screwing it up again. It is crucial for humanity to do this. Once humanity becomes conscious of these facts then it will eliminates religious wars, and corporate monopolies that lock up resources for world domination. Most of the world's population now lives in a religious manifestation of reality that must be brought back to reality in order to inherit the stars. This book is about raising consciousness for survival. To quote Dr. Steven Greer: "The inner development of consciousness eventually overtakes technology, simply because it must in order for the species to survive..."
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Author - Henry Kroll
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Philosopher's Stone: Immortality Discovered

Inside We Reveal the Substance Within the Ark of the Covenant!
This book is about an alien science so advanced that it is indistinguishable from magic and it may be the greatest discovery of the human race since fire. This technology has been locked up by secret societies for personal gain. Now for the first time in three thousand years it is available to you. This book contains 4 recipes to make manna in your kitchen!
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The Frog Is Cooked: Why you have to work two jobs to make ends meet

A Constitutional Petition for Redress of Grievance
Includes the report from Iron Mountain, Mad Cow, HAARP, Echelon, Taking back your Constitutional rights, Suing the Government and much more.
Author - Henry Kroll
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Home of the Angels

NASA's Tether Experiment
This book is about NASA's long wire tether experiment. NASA astronauts filmed the experiment from the space shuttle Columbia with a hand-held video camera that contained a wide spectrum chip enabling the camera to pick up high ultraviolet images that ordinarily would be invisible to the human eye. The long wire tether satellite contained a reel with a 12-mile-lorig cable and instruments to measure voltage in the upper atmosphere. The satellite measured a voltage ranging from 12 to 14 million volts. While the astronauts were filming the experiment from a distance of fifty miles a sudden surge of over three million volts burnt the cable in half. After NASA retrieved the satellite switches were thrown and a CO2 tank valve had been opened.
Author - Henry Kroll
Published 2003
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Sand Pirates

Foreign Affairs, Middle East History, and Contemporary Politics
An informative book of little known facts concerning U.S. involvement in the Middle East. The author examines the "follow the money" international foreign policy of the United States and its allies. This chronological account presents a concise overview of government misinformation to further an agenda of world domination through problem, reaction, solution, scenario. The author believes it is your civic duty to question government on all levels. To do otherwise is to forfeit your constitutional rights.
Author - Henry Kroll
Published 2003
76 pages
$15.99 Paperback - ISBN: 1-4257-9691-5 and ISBN13: 978-1-4257-9691-4
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Space Ships of the Gods

UFO and Extraterrestrial Handbook
This is a wonderful collection of documented UFO, and extraterrestrial activity, formatted in one comprehensive volume. The author takes you into the secretive world of the World War II era, German Third Reich space vehicle, rocket, and ballistic missile programs. He also narrates the post war catch-up space programs of the United States and Russia. Some of the this stuff has been around for awhile, but much of the new information will make your hair stand on end! The thorough, and detailed accounts of the 1999 Russian archeology find of ancient glass and porcelain coated Dolomite relief map segments, is reason enough to read this book.
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Author - Henry Kroll
Published 2002
180 pages
$16.95 Paperback

Gold of the Gods

A 30 Year Search for the Philosopher Stone
Carried in the Ark of the Covenant this Anti-Gravity Superconductor was used by God's Angels to create man. Later it was used by the priests to talk to God. The gifts that go with the Manna are perfect telepathy. You will know good and evil when it is in the room with you. You can project your thoughts, levitate, walk on water, and live forever. This is an intriguing manuscript, which examines ancient Egyptian historical events, ancient Hebrew history, the artifacts, and the Israelite Ark of the Covenant, life extension, levitation. and many other ancient secrets of life. The author's research is a very comprehensive integrated study of ancient history, theological legends, and their relation to paranormal phenomena. Part adventure story, part legend, and part wilderness novel, the information compiled in this work is so richly evocative it defies definition.
Author - Henry Kroll
Published 2003
219 pages
$19.95 Paperback - ISBN: 1412004691
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