Monday, February 27, 2017


            Here is what you are currently putting into your so-called body temple…
Unless you have your own garden you are eating supermarket food that for the most part, has been grown on the same oil for about 200 years and is completely devoid of all trace minerals. Lack of trace minerals causes immune deficiency diseases.
Currently thanks to our Federal government’s food war with the former Soviet Union and your mega corporations all corn and soybeans have been genetically modified with a bacteria gene known at BT to make them resistant to insects. Corn is now classified by the EPA as an insecticide!
            What Monsanto and other companies have done is they put genetic material from a common bacteria found in the soil known as BT into a Co2 powered air pistol and shot it into corn cornels in a petri dish. After doing this, thousands of times and letting the cornels germinate they finally achieved a modified corn that kills insects. The same process was done with soybeans and other crops. Over the past three decades corn pollen blows from field to field and has now contaminated almost every corn in the US. Now practically all corn is an insecticide. You think you are safe? You are probably drinking water from a plastic bottle made from genetically modified corn products. The lining in your bee can, the lining of your paper cup and possibly even your wall paper is made of GM corn.
When bees come to pollinate the flowers and get the insect killing corn and soybean pollen on their legs and take it back to the hive it causes ‘colony collapse’ so now there is a shortage of bees and no way to pollinate fruit and other crops. Now practically all the honey in the United States is contaminated with pollen that will kill insects.
            Over the years the genetically modifying air guns have been upgraded with compressed argon gas and are much more powerful. They were successful in putting flounder genes into strawberry plants to make them more frost resistant. Your mega corporations are playing God and you are putting that stuff in your body without knowing the long term affects. If you drink soft drinks sweetened with corn syrup you are eating something that will kill insects. Practically all of your prepared foods and condiments like ketchup are sweetened with corn syrup. If you think you are eating healthy by drinking soy milk and giving it to your kids you are dead wrong.
In the past peanut and corn allergies were quite rare but now, since so many foods have been genetically modified that number is now in in 14 people. It is estimated that by 2020 fifty percent of the population will have diabetes and some form of autism. Your children are getting from ten to twenty different vaccines containing thermasil mercury before entering first grade.

It isn’t just the GM crops that are killing you. Atrazine and Roundup used to kill weeds between the rows of corn and other crops accumulated in the soil. Over the years there is no way to tell how much of these toxic chemicals are picked up by the plants. You are accumulated herbicide in your blood and body fat at an alarming rate. It’s only a matter of time before your kidneys and liver give out. Big pharma is all set to make a lot of money on your liver and heart transplants.
MTBE is a highly toxic waste product that oil companies were forced to pump back down disposal wells. However, more than two decades ago the State of California allowed oil companies to put it in gasoline thereby saving the oil companies many billions of dollars. Unburned MTBE goes up into the atmosphere as smog and the wind, rain and snow have dumped lots of it into water reservoirs all over California. All rain and grown water in California, Arizona, Nevada and other states is now contaminated with MTBE.
If that isn’t enough to kill you Evergreen Air that used to spray defoliant and Agent Orange in Vietnam is now based in Oklahoma. They fly large assortment of jet aircraft over all major cities spraying boron, aluminum powder and virus in a futile attempt to reduce what the government claims is global warming. It has the opposite effect by creating cloud layers and trap heat causing the climate to heat up but they don’t care because they have a different agenda contrary to your health and livelihood. Now practically all the farm land in the United States is contaminated with aluminum powder. Monsanto and Archer Daniel Midland Company have developed seeds that can grow in aluminum contaminated soil.
Basically the point I am trying to get across is that we as citizens are at war with our own government intent on shortening your lifespan and keeping you in a position where you can’t fight back and nobody seems to get it.    

            Get proactive and take charge of your life. Don’t let the government heard you around like a sheeple. Don’t listen to the government propaganda about how they can’t cure cancer, diabetes etc., etc. Every disease has a natural cure. You must read and educate yourself about the plants around you.
            Take a ORMEs (orbitally rearranged monatomic elements) mineral supplement. You can order it on line or make it yourself using one of the six harmless alkaline-based, recipes in my book, PHILOSOPERS STONE. It’s worth a million dollars but only cost $14.95 can be ordered by dialing toll free: 1-877-buy-book.

            If you live near Utah take five gallons of the Great Salt Lake. Add one quart of common bleach and a couple teaspoons of ammonia. Wait overnight and all the minerals in the water will have settled to the bottom of the bucket. Simply pour the salt water out and put the mineral sludge into coffee filters and rinse thoroughly with clean fresh water. It has a high magnesium content which is beneficial for the human body—kind of like milk of magnesia. It also is loaded with monatomic elements necessary for complete cell division.
            ORME gold is two atoms of gold combined with all the protons in a center nucleus. Most scientists are unaware of this state of matter however Hal Puthoff of the Center for Advanced Scientific Studies in Houston Texas helped David Hudson draw up 22-patens on ORMES and another 20 or so patents on how to convert back into solid matter. A monatomic and a particle with it electrons cooper paired in a ring passing each other at twice light speed.
              You can eat any amount of platinum and gold ORMES and you won’t benefit much because it combines with the hydrochloric acid in your stomach to form a gold chloride. To benefit you either have to encapsulate in a pill that can go through the stomach to the lower intestines or fast for twenty or more days to reduce the hydrochloric in your stomach. Most people cannot do the latter.
            The ancient peoples boiled the desert dirt in alkaline spring water for five or more days. After five days of adding more and more alkaline water it became a deadly poison. They then added an acid like vinegar to reduce the pH to make it compatible with the human body. At this point the atoms become visible in the clear water which they could drink as a mile taking God’s Light into their bodies. The white precipitate was filtered with layers of fine linen, dried and carried in the Ark of the Covenant which basically was a Faraday Cage made of insulating wood, gold and brass. The white-powder inside the ARK was put into a coarse-grain, bread known as priest bread. The coarse grains carried the ORMES through the stomach where it could be more readily absorbed in the lower intestines. Some spring waters and well waters are loaded with monatomic elements. ORME rhodium enhances brain function and ORME gold is best for cell division.
            The book explains how it is used by the mitochondria—the little alien cell within each of your human cells that produce energy for cell division. If you can feed the mitochondria more gold ORMES they can reverse your age to that of a twenty-year old. There are secret cancer clinics in Mexico and San Diego that take terminally ill cancer patients. They are so ill in fact, that most of them can’t even talk. They mix ORMES with distilled water and inject in a vein every couple days and after a month or so they leave completely cured.
It feeds the mitochondria so they can transmute the proper elements needed for complete cell division. ORMES have weak atomic forces because when you have double the number of protons in a single nucleus they push apart like little magnets of the same polarity. The mitochondria are able to pull protons out of these large atoms to make the right elements for complete cell division without losing any DNA segments or telomeres.
Keep in mind cell division is a number game. You have to replicate 6-million body cells a second or about 3-billion a minute in order to maintain your present body without ageing. If you fall back on you cell replication rate you start to age. Ageing is loss of body cells! Feed the mitochondria the ORMES so they can do their job to wind the DNA up tighter to speed up the cell reproduction rate. It’s a little more complicated than that but I am sure you can figure it out.  
            Take a ORMEs (orbitally rearranged monatomic elements) mineral supplement. You can order it on line or make it yourself using one of the six harmless alkaline-based, recipes in my book, PHILOSOPERS STONE. It’s worth a million dollars but only cost $14.95 can be ordered by dialing toll free: 1-877-buy-book.