Friday, November 18, 2011

Energy that makes your car go didn't come from the sun.

Coal and oil was made by light from Sirius not the sun.
Back in the 1970’s I lived in Halibut Cove 13 years. Halibut Cove is located on the south side of Kachemak Bay from the city of Homer. Each fall I’d tow a 30-foot scow six miles across the bay to McNeil Canyon to mine coal. We heated our houses with it and cooked with it along with some wood. What’s this got to do with Sirius? Hang on and I will tell you.

I used to make two or three trips over there every fall. I’d mine 8 tons to keep my family warm all winter and five or six tons each for my two elderly neighbors who were in there eighties. They didn’t do much but sit around play solitary and drink home brew. They made great home brew by the way. One glass of that stuff and you had trouble walking home.

On either side of McNeil Canyon are steep bluffs that get knocked down by south west storms at high tide. As the bluff gets washed away the coal seams break off and fall onto the beach. Some of the chunks of coal measure four or five feet thick by five feet. The coal mining process is simple. My neighbors also mined it and we shared information as to the best methods. I used a wheelbarrow and a wood splitting maul. I’d put the smaller pieces in the wheelbarrow and run down the beach and up a 12-inch wide plank and upend the wheelbarrow onto the scow. If you accidently ran off the side of the plank you took a nasty spill and had to reload the wheelbarrow and make another run at it.  When the smaller chunks were all picked up I’d whack away on the big ones with the maul. The lignite and bituminous soft coal is laid down in layers and has a grain to it enabling a person to split large slabs from it.

I could see fossilized trees in the coal and imprints of large leaves. We are not seeing coal being made today because it is not warm enough and there isn’t enough incoming light. Also the atmosphere is much thinner than it was in ancient times. In order to make coal you have to have a source of carbon and I assume most of the carbon came out of the air from carbon dioxide. Most or our atmosphere on Earth came out of volcanoes in the form of CO2. Volcanoes also spew a lot of water, sulfur steam.

When I was writing the book about Sirius and studying the Antarctic and Greenland ice core data I realized all the carbon resources were laid down by UV light that makes plants grow then I realized that practically everything we eat, use and wear was made by UV light and most of it came from Sirius B. Then I thought back to the times I used to mine coal. I called the University of Alaska and asked the head coal expert how old the layers of coal were in the Homer area. The info I got back was the layers were 3 and 6 million years old. This didn’t make any sense at all so I sent them $15 for an 8000 page CD on all their coal research. I read most of it which was mostly info on how much coal there was in Cook Inlet.

Finally I accidently talked to an old geologist in Sterling who explained to me how coal is formed. Soft coal like bituminous and lignite is compressed with a 20 to 1 ratio. In other words it takes twenty feet of grass and trees compressed down to make one foot of coal. Now hard coal is made with a 40 to 1 compression. To make a 100 foot of anthracite hard coal like is in Pennsylvania, Utah, Wyoming and other places that was laid down during the 80-milliion years Carboniferous Era it takes 4000 feet of trees and grass (carbon).
The 58 layers of the soft stuff that I was mining was formed within the last three million years. Each layer of coal was separated by eight to ten feet of glacier silt and rounded glacier gravel the size of your fist and larger. In between there were thin layers of volcanic ash which was to be expected. Finally I realized that each layer of coal represented an Ice Age where mile high sheets of ice covered the area and there were 58 of them. The first Ice Ages were short the layers of coal thicker but as the ice ages got longer due to our increasing longer deteriorating orbit around Sirius the coal layers became thinner.

The point is all the evidence of our Sirius orbit is right there in front of us if you have eyes to see it. I apologize for the long post but I don’t see any other way to explain this.

China is building one coal generating plant a month. We haven’t built one in four years. All that Sirius photon energy laid down over hundreds of millions of years is being released into our environment in a couple hundred years. It isn’t just the carbon that is being released into the atmosphere. Radioactive radon gas is released along with radium particles that float in the upper atmosphere around the globe increasing cancer rates. Thorium is also being released and cesium gas. We haven’t got a clue as to what we are doing to ourselves and the environment and the rich want to keep it that way because they are making trillions off from our labor. I am convinced we are on the wrong evolutionary path. Then again, all our problems may be solved by the next extinction. We are due for one as they occur at regular intervals every 27-million years.
The book is: COSMOLOGICAL ICE AGES.        or        

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