Thursday, May 14, 2015

America Dictatorship?

America A Dictatorship?

Can a little know federal agency turn America into a dictatorship? Hidden in a top secret safe of the Federal Emergency Management Agency are “stacks of blueprints” designed to convert American society into a “command system”—this according to a former deputy administrator of FEMA.

This highly placed source who whishes to remain anonymous confirmed the procedures developed by FEMA to round up thousands of dissenters nationwide can be implemented by a single phone call from the White House.

“In reality FEMA can be mobilized whenever the politicians occupying the White House decide they need special—and extra—Constitutional powers to impose their will on the nation.” Emergency is the trigger word in the FEMA title.

The Director of FEMA shall, on behalf of the President:

  1. Coordinate all mobilization activities of the Executive Branch, including production, procurement, manpower, stabilization and transport. FEMA will be able to alter any existing contract.
  2. The FRS (Federal Reserve System), with all its branches will become “fiscal agent of the United States” with dictatorial power over the economy of the nation.
  3. The Treasury and the Export-Import Bank will authorized to make loans under the direction of FEMA and the FRS.
  4. During a “National Emergency” the President, an “Elected official,” will be stripped of all his Presidential functions.
  5. Set-up an executive Branch of the government and a national Defense Executive reserve (NDER) composed of persons selected (not elected) from various segments of the civilian economy and from government for training for employment in executive positions in the event of a “National Emergency” Such reservists have been treasonously exempted from certain provisions of the federal criminal code, and may be employed “without compensation,” e.g. shanghaied or blackmailed into service!
  6. Seize and / or control every major national asset.
  7. Provide for National Security and consolidate the assignment of emergency preparedness functions with various departments and agencies.
  8. The Department of Justice shall develop plans for administering laws regarding the import, manufacture and distribution of narcotics, i. e., do anything it wants to eliminate all “law”, they are also ordered to take over all organized crime drug rackets and “manage” the.
  9. DECLARE MARTIAL LAW AT ANY TIME. When martial law is declared the Constitution is no longer the law of the land. It is replaced with a military dictatorship.
  10. Have the Department of Interior take over all potable water.
  11. Place all food production under the Department of Agriculture.
  12. Take over all labor resources by means of lists already prepared by the Department of Law.
  13. Implement takeover of all forms of transportation, assisted by the Civil Aeronautics Board.
  14. Implement takeover of all nuclear reactor facilities by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Seize all sources of public power, electric, nuclear, petroleum, etc.
  15. Take over authority and presidential functions of all emergency agencies and reduce the consequences of major terrorist incidents.

Some other FEMA examples of the “perpetuation of a silent coup.”

* Takeover all farms, ranches or timberland in order to utilize them more effectively as decreed in Executive order (EO) 1190, the so-called omnibus emergency preparedness decree promulgated by President Richard Nixon October 28, 1969
*Declare certain areas to be “military reserves” and cause American citizens to be removed from their homes and imprisioned without trial under the pretense of ‘racial difference.”
* Freeze all wages, price and bank accounts.
* Take over all communications media.
Such totalitarian measures can be imposed by bureaucrats under FEMA’s direction, not just in the face of a cataclysmic upheaval, but “whenever necessary for assuring the continuity of the federal government in any national emergency type situation,” decreed a subsequent White House ukase, EO 11921, ISSUED BY President Gerald ford in April 1976.


Originally under FEMA, 23 detention camps were authorized. These detention camps were spread out across the United States. In addition to that, there are 20 supplemental camps that were authorized with the 1990 / 1991 Military Fiscal Budget. Carl Levin’s DOD budget Amendment 656 authorized the implementation of these 20 camps to supplement the 23 that were already authorized.

There are now 3 total civilian concentration camps pre-deployed inside the continental United State. In addition there are many supplemental camps or auxiliary camps through each state and each region. One example would be the Nike-Hercules site located near Monroe, Michigan. A detailed list of these camps and their capacity is available at:

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