Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Life extension and increased intelligence...

                        Philosophers Stone
                                                     Henry Kroll
             Soft cover 204 pages.  ISBN 0-7414-2235-2   To order: Dial 1-877-Buy Book.

            Philosophers stone is also known as White-Powder-Gold or ‘Mana’, or the elixir of life. Discoverer, David Hudson spoke in a lecture, “First of all it’s is a room temperature superconductor”!  “When mixed with water it forms a gelatinous mixture. When ingested it has the following affects: Every cell in your body will be taken back to the state it is supposed to be, when you were a teenager or child. It perfects the DNA, and closed the light within the body until you literally reach a point where the light body exceeds the physical body.” “The gifts that go with this are perfect telepathy, you can know good and evil when it is in the room with you, you can levitate, you can walk on water, because it is flowing so much light in you, you literally don’t attract to gravity.
            I wrote the book more than twenty years ago. It has been read by many medical doctors and passed around to various university library’s. I was testing various complex gold ores and trying to figure out their atomic structure so that I could get more recovery of precious metals. I paid for leach assays, fire assays, and spectrographic analysis tests on black rhodium sands and nothing worked. Finally in the California Mining Journal I saw an ad by Bremner Technologies where they melt gold and platinum ores with electron beams. The process was invented in Germany. They put the sample in a chamber filled with argon gas and melt it into a lump of glass with electron guns. The electrons bombarding the sample rearrange the combined atomic structure separating the combined atoms into individual metallic atoms that can then be melted into precious metals.
            When ingested in the body it speeds up the cell division rate by feeding the Mitochondria and increasing the number of base pairs per turn of DNA. It’s about life extension and increased intelligence by feeding energy to the cells. (Mitochondria are little alien cells with their own DNA passed down via your mother’s egg within each of your human cells.) It is very important to preserve the DNA because damages cells can weaken the immune system and lead to cancer and other diseases.

In order to maintain your present age you have to divide 6-million body cells every second and that takes a lot of energy. The mitochondria do the impossible of transmutation of elements. Orbitally rearranged monatomic elements are combined atoms sharing their protons in a common nucleus. Protons are like little magnets of the same polarity so they push apart. When in this combined state the atomic structure of the atom is ten times weaker allowing the mitochondria to pull protons out with magnetic pulses thereby making the required elements for complete cell division. Transmutation of elements we are taught is impossible because most of our scientists and health care professionals are unaware that combined atoms with weak atomic forces exist. This technology of life extension has been kept secret for thousands of years and dates back to time of the Pharaohs and ancient Greeks. Many of our presidents attended the Yale University Skull and Bones Fraternity. During the course of a persons life the ORMES shaped like little galaxies go through the blood brain barrier and concentrate in the brain. Due to their physical shape, minute magnet electrical forces in the brain propel them and concentrate them in the skull bones. Rather or not they understand the technology behind their canabolism remains to be revealed. Its really hard to tell if it had any affect at all on George Bush's intelligence.   
David Hudson with the help of General Electric and Hal Puthoff of the Institute of Advance Scientific Studies in Huston, Texas received 22 patents on what he calls ORMES.

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