Sunday, November 1, 2009

I be on Coast to Coast AM November 4th.

I got lucky. They liked my book, Cosmological Ice Ages. George Noori will be asking the questions. I hope I can answer them with some intelligence.

I recently discovered a 1929 Newspaper aticle abou a 40-foot diameter fossilized tree sticking out of the ground in Texas. Scientists dug down 60 foot to find the stump. They estimated that the 60-million year-old fossil tree had to be about 1000 feet high.

I had to add the article to my Author Nation blog about 1000-Foot High Trees on Mars. Check it out when you get a chance. Co: Type in Henry Kroll or Philosopher.

Some of my other books are Philosopher's Stone, Home of the Angels, The Frog is Cooked, Sand Pirates, and Die Eith the Most Toys, a self-help book.

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