Monday, December 7, 2009

New book solves greatest mysteries of all time.

Cosmological Ice Ages Solved: the greatest mysteries of all time! Where was our sun born? What took Earth out of a billion year ice age? What made all the coal, oil and limestone? How did Earth get a 20.8% oxygen atmosphere? Where did the energy come from to make all the coal, oil and limestone? Who, what, when and why was the moon brought into orbit around Earth?
By Henry Kroll 384 pages 8.5 by 11; quality trade paperback (soft cover); Catalog #08-0164; ISBN 1-4251-7062-5; US$31.35, C$31.35, EUR21.42, £16.19
About the Book

I plotted our sun’s course through space to discover that our sun was born in the constellation Orion. After the planets were formed Earth was covered with a five-mile-thick coating of ice one billion years with an atmospheric pressure of over 750-pounds per square inch. Such an atmospher would extend 2,500 miles above the planet. Sunlight could not penetrate such an atmosphere extending 2,500-miles above the planet. Right now if you go up 50-miles you are in space.

We eventually drifted near the Sirius multiple star-system. Little Sirius B (1.5 solar masses) grabbed hold of our sun putting it in orbit around Sirius A.

Our sun does not have enough power to keep us out of the ice ages otherwise we wouldn'thave them. It was the additional light and heat from Sirius star system that melted the ice caps and got life started in the oceans.

Over time the 750 PSI carbon dioxide atmosphere was laid down as coal, oil and limestone using photosynthesis and light from Sirius A and B. Scientist took plaster casts of dinosaur chest cavities to discover that they couldn’t live in today’s atmosphere. 65-million years ago the atmosphere was 30 to 60 PSI.

Earth has lost 98% of its atmosphere and radiation shielding. It is now 14.5 pounds per square inch. We have a limited time to get our act together and get off the planet to seed life in other biospheres. Wholesale orders (20 or more): Also: and

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