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Gulf War Syndrome Mycoplasma Incognitus

  Garth Nicolson phd uncovered massive mycoplasma incognitus testing program
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When Dr. garth and Nancy Nicolson phd's from the Md cancer center in Texas discovered this microbe called mycoplasma incognitus in the blood of sick gulf war one vets they never expected what would happen next. Armed personal from the defense dept visited them and threatened thier lives, thier boss was shot 5 times in the head when he was going to blow the whistle on illegal biological testing.
Just a few Years early Dr. Shyh ching Lo md phd, an army scientist injected this biological testing, microbe into mice and primates and they all died, he only found it in sick patients and not healthy controls. HIv does not do cause disease when injected into in animals. Dr. Garth Nicolsons book is so shocking because he actually had confidential sources within the pentagon that revealed this massive testing program, the book was slightly fictionilized to stay out of court but the events are true. Here is the link, the first chapter of Project Day Lily will blow you away, ive read the whole book and its mindblowing, read the first chapter for free. Hopefully Alex jones can have The Nicolsons on his show.
official site
read a chapter for free.

(ATN) MYCOPLASMA INCOGNITUS: Newly Discovered Treatable Infection?
See hiv fact or fraud to see how many nobel prize winning scientists question the HIV hypothesis

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