Friday, January 27, 2012

The FDA asked me what I thought of the new health care bill.
Boy, did they ask the wrong person, that is, if they wanted a dishonest answer.

This is what I sent to: date: Wed, Jan 4, 2012 at 6:31 PM

I don't think the government should be involved in health Care.
The best Health Care can only be provided by the free enterprise system. 

The Doctor/Lawyer war has been going on a very long time. Doctors make money and lawyers try to take it away. Its the law of the Jungle. Most members of Congress are Lawyers so we have a government mandated Health Care that limits the amount of money doctors should be paid.

This will reduces the time doctors spend with patients because in order to earn a living they will have to treat more patients thus reducing the quality of Health Care. More people will die from mis-diagnosed illness.

So now you have government mandated death...

Under the Communist system of government people are paid a little wage to do a little work. Under such a system there is no freedom and no hope so why should they work hard? Why should they be productive? When nobody is producing a nation falls. 

Civil service employees take from productive members of society. Ancient Greece fell when 18 % of the population became civil service. Rome fell when 25% of the population was working at civil service jobs.

The reason Governments make up so many arbitrary rules and regulations is so that they have to hire more civil service employees to enforce them. It eventually reaches a point where the productivity of a nation cannot pay the interest on the debt created to pay civil service workers and the military. To keep the whole fa├žade moving along they print more money which steals everyone’s standard of living. Eventually it reaches a point where the government defaults on its debt and whole system falls on its face.

This is the reason the Communist system of government failed and the reason the new health care bill will fail!

On top of that you have civil service workers deciding who gets the heart transplant, the new liver or kidney. If you accidently piss off one of these little government appointed dictators, don’t expect to live very long…  Below is the new Health Care regulation book.

Show me one thing the government manages successfully. Social Security?, The Post Office?  The Department of Energy? The Federal Park Service can’t even keep the parks open. 

In order to get good health care we will have to travel to Canada, England, France, Germany, Cuba, Mexico or Japan.

There is a lot more of this health care slavery rant in my book. THE FROG IS COOKED and

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