Thursday, March 28, 2013


Note the remote controls in her hands and the space helmet on her head.

Easter is obviously a pagan tradition. Most of Christianity is adapted from pagan religions. Israel was conquored by the Hitites who worshiped several dieties including BAL..The word ISRAEL is composed of three Gods! IS= Isis, RA= sun god, EL= the old Sumerian Creater God. YHWH or Yehweh was EL or EA. Gods could asume any name they preferred and frequently changed their names. Enki and Mauri or Mary created mankind from their own DNA. 

Thoth was the engineer and builder of the Great Pyramid in Egypt, He was also known as the God of the Universe and also ENKI. He was known as Hermes by the ancient Greeks and Mercury by the Romans. He liked to help humans live better. He would fly around in his private saucer machine to delivered messages quickly. He is said to have lived more than 38,000 years abd may still be alive today. It is said he may have also been Merlin, the builder of Stone Henge which is a map of the Earth incorporating PI and FI. 

Note the Easter Island heads have bodies and are over fifty-feet tall plus they had hats weighing five tons. How were they made? Native legend says they priests used the manna to lift them into place. The aitigravity inter-dimensional white-powder-of-gold was sprinkeled on the stons and levitated into place. The recipes to make the stuff for longivity and increased intelligence are in my book, Philosophers Stone.

How many thousands of years did it take for soil to accumulate thirty-feet deep? Note the lower portions of the body are smooth while the face iw weathered. ARe these things 50,000 years old? Are they 100,000 years old? Nobody knows. They could be millions of years old. Did the people who carved them look like the statures?  did they have six fingers? Do they have feet? Nobody knows???

Why do they all face out to sea? Was it to scare off invaders or welcome them?

Below is the guts out of Thoth's flying saucer.
Thoth wrote the Emerald Tablet, the copper Scroll and the 48 books of Thoth which are supposed to help you attain eternal life.

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