Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I just found out about a NASA document that was found that ties in together everything we talk about on Project Nsearch.
This document basically says that humans are the enemies and will be killed in many ways that they list right in the document. Some things such as smart dust, smart meters, chemtrails, food, vaccines, viruses, electronic frequencies and much more!
They say in the document that they will control your kids through school and brainwash them.

If you want a smoking gun, you have it now! That's why I'm sending you this information today by email.

Spread this article that I posted in two locations everywhere you can. Spread this story around to your email list, facebook, twitter and every other website you have an account on! The truth must come out about this NASA document now! We need Congressional hearings on this NOW! You guys did a GREAT job spreading the word about the Illuminati sacrifice and now more people know about it than at any time in history! Thank you for your support.

Here is the article to share around the planet! Get the word out any way you can!

    Share these articles - watch the video - it will SHOCK you!
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