Thursday, December 5, 2013



America is the last bastion of freedom on earth. We loose it here the world will be plunged into servitude for the next thousand years.
This is a spiritual war between good and evil and evil is winning. The evil has been in place since the beginning of time. It is all planned so we cannot prevent it.Conservatives are people who will feed you to the alligator hoping it will eat them last.
We will revert back to the Middle Ages where the Barons, Dukes and Kings will own all the land and the rest of us that are capable of hard labor will be Surfs. All the rest will be euphonized because they are worthless eaters.
Our leaders will be picked by their birthright not by their good deeds and there will be little spare time left over for individual creative thought. The world will be ruled by elitists with no regard for human life as they move forward with the population reduction agenda to re-wild the Earth.
The Carnegie Endowment for National Peace provided seed money for 3rd World War to organize the global N. W. O. structure.
 I took me years to figure out that the ten headed beast mentioned in the Bible represent organizations that rule nations not the nations themselves. If you cut the head off one beast it doesn’t hurt the rest of the ruling structure which makes the New World Order very hard to overthrow indeed. The NWO global ruling structure was prophesied thousands of years ago and is only now coming to fruition.
All nations are ruled by international organizations like the Federal Reserve banking system. The World Court will be the Judicial System. The United Nations will be the military wing. The Tri Lateral Commission is the executive branch and the Catholic Church will oversee the spiritual enforcement. The best way to hide something is in plain sight. 

The climate change propaganda you are being bombarded with every day on the news is the first step to convince you that climate change is real and that humans are the cause therefore population reduction is necessary. Fewer people are easier to control and population reduction insures that the elitists will stay in power forever.
Ron Paul is a lower class Free Mason—too low to become President. His wife is a Daughter and both his two daughters are rainbow girls. Ron Paul is there to divide and conquer by giving people false hope.
The NWO is planning to organize a staged Alien invasion to unite all humans under the One World Government to pave the way for the false messiah.
David Ike is a Jesuit. Alex Jones and Zacheria Sitchin work for the Catholics to spread disinformation. The Jesuits are the intelligence wing. The Zionists that oversee the Federal Reserve are the financial wing and the Knights of Malta the military wing.
My book, The Frog Is Cooked contains more information on the shareholders of the Federal Reserve and the many crimes committed by our government against its

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