Wednesday, December 11, 2013


I don't know. I HEARD THEY took them to an Air Force Base and hearded the people into a hangar to be gassed.

Dear Jim,
I was not there, so I cannot say
this with absolute certainty but it
does not appear that there was a
Boeing 757 involved in the Pentagon
attack of 9/11. There's this to
consider, which while posted some
time ago, only recently came to my
I don't know if this is real or fake
because anything is possible in the
world of video. But it certainly does
look like a cleaned-up version of the
loops we've been looking at for twelve
years, now, taken from another

So what happened to the plane and
its passengers? I have been deluged
with this question all week. Similar
questions have been raised about the
crash at Shanksville, Pennsylvania,
where first responder, Wally Miller,
Somerset County Coroner told the
Washington Post: "It looked like
somebody took a scrap truck, dug
a ten-foot ditch and dumped trash
into it."

As for the passengers, he said, "I
stopped being a coroner after about
20 minutes, because there were no
bodies there."

This clip from "Loose Change 2" (2005)
is the young filmmaker, Dylan Avery's
answer to the fate of these planes (two
of which were still in service, two
years after 2001, according to tail
numbers noted by a United Airlines
employee). The film stops short of
saying exactly what became of the
passengers of these ill-fated flights.
I do not buy completely into the "no-
planes theory," espoused by this clip's
uploader, especially as to the South
Tower crash, due to reports from
my neighbors and that one shot, taken
from my old apartment roof, 15' above
the same view I had for 8 years (the
shot where the "magical passport"
is superimposed).

We are dealing with an incomprehensible
crime, about which the US Government
has refused to be transparent, even
according to members of the 9/11
Commission, themselves, a crime that has
used to wage wars against two sovereign
nations, who were of no military threat to
the US and not directly connected to this
crime; a crime resulting in hundreds of
thousands of destroyed lives, to say nothing
of the destruction of the US Treasury and
resulting precarity of the global economy.
Qui bono? Who benefits? We have a right
to ask such questions and to not be labeled
kooks - or as one genius referred to me
last week, a "donkey ass".
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Alexandra Bruce
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