Thursday, March 19, 2015

See where your tax money goes...

So you think your income tax goes to the federal Government. Wrong! The Federal Government runs on borrowed money it gets from the Federal Reserve bankers by pledging assets; your birth bonds, land, parks, mineral assets, trade, etc. You are not responsible for paying off the Federal Debt. Its all a phony birth bond scam where they turned you into a bonded slave at birth to back the currency. They need to make you feel like you have to pay the Federal Debt to keep you paying.

After your tax money is collected by the IRS Puerto Rican Trust 164 and it's affiliates, it goes to the Tower of Power 55 Waters Street NY, NY. Half goes into the pockets of the Federal Reserve share holders. The other half goes to the Bank of England to pay off war debt, reparation to rebuild foreign countries and other things. Note the Street number 55 on the columns. 

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