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> Police are reading your bank & debit card balances without a
> warrant<>
> Police are reading your bank & debit card balances without a warrant
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> 2015<>
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> MassPrivateI<>
> Thanks to DHS’s own research & development
> department<> if you’re
> arrested, cops can now read your bank balance!
> Police are now able to read our bank credit and debit cards, retail
> gift cards, library cards, hotel card keys, even magnetic-striped
> Metrorail cards
> instantly!<>
> Did you catch that? Police will even know the balance of your commuter
> train/bus cards, all without a WARRANT!
> DHS and Technology Directorate’s Electronic Recovery and Access to Data
> (ERAD) Prepaid Card Reader is now being used to read EVERY
> magnetic-striped card.
> “The ERAD Prepaid Card Reader is a small, handheld device that uses
> wireless connectivity to allow law enforcement officers in the field to
> check the balance of cards. This allows for identification of
> suspicious prepaid cards and the ability to put a temporary hold on the
> linked funds until a full investigation can be
> completed.”<>
> Reading between the lines, once you’re arrested if you’re carrying a
> ‘suspicious credit or debit card’ police can put a temporary hold on
> your account! Which begs the question, how the hell can you bail
> yourself out if they’ve frozen your accounts? What’s to stop a
> prosecutor/judge from demanding you pay a certain amount in fines or
> bail? After all they know EXACTLY how much money is in your bank
> account.
> The project, developed by DHS’s Science and Technology
> Directorate (S&T) First Responder
> Group<>(FRG),
> began in March 2012. The S&T is led by the Under Secretary of Homeland
> Security for Science and
> Technology<>
> According to DHS since ERAD was put into field testing, police have
> seized approximately $1 million dollars in ‘suspicious bank cards, etc.
> “The Prepaid Card Reader has generated a lot of interest from our state
> and local law enforcement agency partners, and there is a growing
> demand by these agencies for use of this technology by their
> personnel,” said Deso. “It provides a unique tool for when they
> encounter suspect cards with magnetic strips during the performance of
> their
> duties.”<>
> Of course ERAD is generating a lot of interest from state and local
> police, they need to find new ways to balance their budgets and keep
> the American police state going.
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