Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Radio talk show Saturday.

I have a talk show coming up on Saturday on Ohio Exo-politics with Mark Schneider. 4 PM Eastern.
Below is the letter I sent to him:
We had a good salmon season but may have to sue the new company in order to get paid. They cheated my wife out of 30 cents a pound. They paid everyone a $1.60 a pound and she got $1.20. I still haven't got paid for tendering 80,000 pounds of salmon to market.. The're promising me a check on Monday. 
Attached is a picture of Mary pitching fish. She caught 58,000 pounds.
The last picture is of my office...

I can barely walk. My knees are really bad now, can barely walk. I am still working on the boat every day. It needs a new propeller shaft and stern bearing. I put new rigging on the boom and overhauled the anchor fair-lead. 

I would like to talk about the mythical global warming and why they changed the name to climate change..
At first when Obama came here I thought they would re-name Mt. McKinley after another president like Mt. Obama. How about Mt Barack? Mt. Hussein?
Obama came here to Anchorage Alaska and had the Marines fly him to Seward so he could look at Exit Glacier. I'me sure you saw the ospreys on the news. 
Exit Glacier is one of the few glaciers that is retreating. Many are growing. Its about societal manipulation so they can charge everyone a carbon tax.

Meanwhile China is constructing one new coal generating plant a month. God they must think the American public is stupid. 
I talked about the 58 layers of coal in Homer, Alaska on the local radio station today. Each layer is a record of what the climate, temperature and composition of the atmosphere was like every 100,000 years. They took plaster casts of dinosaur chest cavities to discover they couldn't live in todays atmosphere. Apparently the atmospheric pressure was between 30 and 60 pounds per square inch 65-million years ago. They couldn't breathe today's ratified 14 pound per square inch atmosphere. Besides it had much more oxygen more like 39 percent compared to today's 20 percent.

I have a 1942 picture of the boats frozen to the bottom of Seldovia slough. It was an exceptionally cold winter caused by the 1914 Katmai eruption that dumped a foot of ash on the city of Anchorage and filled the valleys on Kodiak Island with 15-feet of ash. Several villages had to be abandoned on Kodiak and along Shelikoff Strait. 

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