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Jessie Ventura, Patriot, Governor, and Navy Seal

Jessie Ventura cites CIA Files to Support Sept. 11 Theories

While discussing his latest book, “63 Documents the government Doesn’t Want You To Read” Jessie Ventura told writer, Victor Thorn on June 14, 1962 The Joint Chiefs of Staff advocated that the U. S. Military attack our own country in a false-flag terrorist strike, then blame it on Cuba. This plan was called Operation Northwoods, and it doesn’t get any worse than that.

Ventura was correct. In Body of Secrets, author and National Security Agency (NSA) authority James Batenford called this operation “The most corrupt plan ever created by the U. S. government.”

In this light, the former Minnesota governor continued: If you read these documents, you’ll see hoe the Pentagon gave to President Kennedy the option—using the CIA and our military—to attack American cities using airliners.. It was all conceived to support an invasion of Cuba. The people behind Operation Northwoods wanted ti kill American Citizens as a way or carrying out their political agenda. To me that’s treason!

He concluded, “Operation Northwoods was on the table, but fortunately JFK didn’t go through with it.

[Although he denies any connection with the CIA at that time George Bush Senior purchased an island off the coast of Cuba to use as a staging area for U. S. troops and named it Barbara Island.]

And, for good reason. In the classified March 13th 1962 documents, Gen. Lyman Lemnitzer, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, suggested, “We could blow up a U. S. warship in Guantanamo Bay and blame Cuba.” [This was done once before in 1897 with the sinking of the Main.]

More ominously, other idea included hijacking attempts, burning jet fighters on military bases or bombing ammunition depots.

Obviously, the similarities to 9-11 are haunting, the only difference instead of blaming Cuba, Osama bin laden and 19 Muslim skyjackers were the patsies, all used to garner support for American invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.

To reinforce how willing certain sectors of the U. s. government were, Ventura cited Orlando Bosch, a known international terrorist who, it is alleged, was in the employ of the United States.

Jessie Ventura may not know it but, Saddam Hussein was put in power as leader of Iraq by our CIA. He was used to bankrupt the Soviet Union when they tried to sell 22 metric tons of gold to the Emir of Quait. At the time the Communist system of government in the Soviet Union was desperate for American Dollars to feed their people through the winter. Their collective farms couldn’t produce enough food to feed their people so they needed dollars to buy wheat from the U. S. The Israelis were the middlemen as they have been in gold transactions for thousands of years. The Soviets obviously were scraping the bottom of the barrel in their treasury. The gold had a high silver content as some of it had been minted during the days of the Tsar. The value was established at 22-billion dollars and the only person in the world with enough cash American dollars to buy 22-billion dollars in gold was the Emir of Quait. He had been selling oil for dollars to the U. S. for decades. Obviously Saddam Hussein knew about the gold transaction (our CIA may have tipped him off). He had 20,000 elite troops stationed in the hills overlooking Quait. The minute the gold arrived, his men swooped in, tool the gold and the dollars and proceeded to loot the palace. The rest is history. He put his people to work constructing 22 new places in Iraq with gold toilet fixtures. George Bush, Senior was then president allowed Saddam Hussein, a fellow CIA operative to retreat with the loot. Later on President Clinton who was living in the 200-year-old White House with leaky plumbing and a ghost in the Lincoln bedroom was jealous of Saddam’s luxurious palatial accommodations. When George Bush Jr. became president he took over the CIA job of capturing and executing Saddam Hussein. The 9-11 false-flag operation was his excuse to invade Iraq and finish the job his father left undone because of his CIA connections.

“[Bosch] was a CIA operative that was involved in blowing up Cuban ships, assassination attempts on Fidel Castro and the eradication of the sugar fields,” said Ventura .

With direct evidence now available to gauge what the madmen in our government are capable of, Ventura writes in 63 documents about Operation Northwoods: “You could think of it as establishing a precedent for the future. If something like this were on the table in 1962, wouldn’t it have likewise been in 2001? What Northwoods had on the drawing board, I believe, 9-11 was. It seems that all through history, wars and takeovers are started with false-flag operations. History has a way of repeating itself, like that old cliché: It if works once, let’s try it again.”

· 63 Documents the Government Doesn’t want You to Read (softcover, 288 pages, #63, $27 plus $3 S&H) from AFP 645 Pennsylvania Avenue SE # 100 Washington, DC 2003

False Flag operations to garner public support for a war to send their children into battle may have started in with the sinking of the Main in Havana Harbor signifying the beginning of the Spanish American War. By 1897–98, American public opinion grew angrier at reports of Spanish atrocities. After the mysterious sinking of the American battleship Maine in Havana harbor, political pressures from the Democratic Party pushed the government of President William McKinley, a Republican, into a war McKinley had wished.

There is considerable evidence that President Roosevelt and his Joint Chiefs knew that Japan was going to bomb Pearl Harbor. The brass ignored the radar signals of approaching aircraft. They had left their old World War I warships in Perl Harbor while all the new ships and aircraft carriers were safely hid away in the South Pacific. His “Day of Infamy” speech may have been the best acting job anyone ever performed.

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