Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wrong Evolutionary path..

                        CARBON ENERGY SCIENCE
©By Henry Kroll
                        From my book, COSMOLOGICAL ICE AGES
            The bulk of the energy consumed on this planet is still generated by the burning of carbon. Where did all the carbon come from, you ask? About 700-million years ago Earth had a high pressure carbon dioxide atmosphere of around 750 pounds per square inch that extended three thousand miles above the planet. This CO2 atmosphere continuously being replenished by volcanoes but over time due to the yearly accretion of 40-thousand tons of space dust and expansion of the mid ocean volcanic rifts over hundreds of million years the Earth expanded to its present size. It was this process of expanding that the atmospheric pressure was reduced by half.
            The other half of Earth’s high pressure atmosphere was used up by photosynthesis and laid down as col, oil and limestone. Where did the 20.8 % oxygen atmosphere come from? During the 80-million year Carboniferous Age 400-million years ago the Sun was in a much closer orbit to another group of stars that increased the average Earth temperature to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. One of those stars puts out more than 100 times the ultraviolet light of our sun above the range of human sight. Earth had incoming ultraviolet light 25 hours a day. In a few short months diatoms filled up the oceans to depths of 30,000 feet deep or more. Diatoms have the ability to multiply eight times in 24 hours given enough CO2, warm temperatures and 24-hours of light.
Most people don’t know what diatoms are. They are the little calcium carbonate creatures they use to filter your drinking water and fill your cat litter box. They evolved different shapes to survive at different depths in the oceans to take advantage of the different wave lengths of UV light.

  After John D. Rockefeller discovered oil on the beach in Quait in the 1920’s and his company Standard Oil of California started making billions and other government-subsidized companies like Sinclair Oil and British Petroleum got on the band wagon we became energy slaves.
Practically every war since that was fought since was over oil or some other resource. Religion is just a cover. All wars are rich men wars. They manipulate nations to make them richer by selling arms to both sides of the conflict. When the war is over they step in to rebuild the poor countries pretending to be charitable good Samaritans but they take the gold oil and drugs as compensation.


The reason I wrote COSMOLOGICAL ICE AGES was to enlighten people as to what the energy source was that create the oil in the first place. It may be alright for humanity to release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere because it is plant food and CO2 is only .033% of our atmosphere. It’s a trace gas, yet our government wants to use your tax dollar to pump it underground. Go figure! How dumb is that?
            Ninety-eight percent of the atmosphere on this planet is gone. 
Now we have lost ½ the oxygen producing plankton in the oceans, half the fish are gone, 2/3 of the rainforests have been cut down and burned to make charcoal while the rich corporations want to keep us burning things.
Our government created the mega farms to out-produce the Communists using fertilizer made from natural gas and oil burning machines. Now most all our soil is depleted of minerals. Poor farming methods caused half our topsoil to blown away in the Dust Bowl. Since then much of it was washed down river into the ocean.
Where do we go from here? Hydrogen fuel cells were invented in 1948. Why aren't we using them in our cars?
The Germans were running their submarines under water on H2O2 which is hydrogen peroxide. This isn't the same as the stuff in your medicine cabinet. That's only 2 %. I;me talking about 80 or 90% H2O2. When you burn it it turns back into water. It can be made with wind power, tide power or any sources of surplus electricity. When burned with coal it reduces emissions by half. The Yellowstone caldera which is a big underground hot spot waiting to erupt destroying half the United States and plunging Earth back into an Ice Age should be tapped to make geothermal energy. There is enough energy down there to power America for the next thousand years.
There is enough wind energy in certain areas to power the world. If it were turned into hydrogen peroxide it can be transported by oil tanker anyplace in the world. The tanks would have to be coated with epoxy plastic. 
If you have any other good energy ideas i would like to see them. 

Grayling platform blow out in Cook Inlet.

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  1. FYI. The Grayling platform blowout in 1984 (or 5 I can't remember) it didn't catch fire. By some miracle they got the men off with a helicopter. It blew tide water up into the air over 1000 feet above the rig for an entire week. After one week it gradually subsided to 500 feet above the rig. After a month it was still blowing water and gas into the air a couple hundred feet above the rig before they could shut it off. Its anybody's guess how much gas was wasted. My guess it would light up New York City for a year or two.