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I am author of the 380+ page book: COSMOLOGICAL ICE AGES. My research team found that early earth about the time life got started was 50 bars or around 750 PSI. One has to consider that the earth almost doubled in diameter since the Cambrian Era. This would have taken the atmosphere down at around 200 to 300 PSI during the Carboniferous Era 400-million years ago. Hard coal seams 100-feet thick and limestone layers 12,500 feet thick created by plant organisms in shallow seas (calcium carbonate) and diatoms filled up the oceans during this 80-million year warming period when the average global temperature was 80 to 85 degrees F. It too light to lay down all that carbon with photosynthesis and the sun burned 30% less than what it does today. Obviously another setllar object is responsible for creating our carbon resources. Antarctic ice core graphs show that the ice ages were much shorter as you go back in time. This is an indication that our sun is in orbit around smoething else that imparts additional light and heat.

The sun could never get through early Earth’s atmosphere to get plants to grow to release free oxygen 750-milllion years ago because the air was 2,800 miles deep. It took the power of a white dwarf putting out 100+ times the UV of our sun to make all the coal, oil and limestone on Earth. It also took a lot of CO2. Coal formed during the Carboniferous is over 100 feet thisck some places. Hard coal is formed from plants with a 40 to one comprssion ratio. It took over 4000 feet of plant carbon to form 100 fee of coal. If you want to know what the early atmosphere was like simply tally up all the metric tons of coal, oil and limestone and turn it back into CO2.

The doubling of the Earth's size is due to two factors, incoming material and mid ocean volcanic rifts. The expansion can be measured by measuring the distance between the Hawaiian Islands on Google Earth. The Hawaiian islands are formed by one volcanic hot spot. As the Earth expands it forms a new island. First type in Age of Hawiian Islands. Subtract the age of the big island Hawaii 400,000 years from Kawaii. Divide the distance in inches by the age difference and you get an expansion of the Pacific plates of 5-inches per year. Take it from there…

By the way, where do you think all the carbon on earth came from? The sun dosn’t make carbon. It is a middle aged star. It takes a giant red star to make carbon and iron. Hint! Sirius B at 8.5 LY was 6 solar masses before it became a white dwarf of 1.4 solar masses. We are traveling toward the 3.5 solar mass Sirius A and B at 7.5 kilometers per second and accelerating due to the galaxy mass and other stars in the area… We made 58 orbits aroud these objects within the last 3-million years.

It was the additional light and heat from thes objects that created our coal, oil and limestone on Earth. When you are driving your car down the road or heating your house you are recycling stellar energy that didn’t come from the sun… Most of the free oxygen you are currently sucking into your lungs wasn’t made by sunlight. It came from the objects we are in orbit around. To disccover when we got captured by the Sirius multiple star system read the book…

Humans are not from this planet. If you don’t believe me take off all your cloths and go into the woods to see how long you will last. Where is the fossil record for modern humans? The Eloheim or Anunnaki genetically engineered man to survive on this planet. We have 98% of the DNA of a chimp–only two less chromosomes. One is missing and two are fused together to make man. The Gods departed giving mankind dominion over all the planet. When they return to find that half the plant and animal species are extinct, half the plankton in the oceans is missing, 2/3rds the rainforests have been cut down and the atmospher is radioactive due to the many thousands of nuclear bombs that were exploded and various reactor melt downs there will be Hell to pay…

We are not seeing any coal, oil or limestone being made right now from sunlight because earth is still in the Ice Age with average golbal temperatures of 32 degrees F.

Right now the atmosphere is only 60-miles deep. We have lost 98% of our atmosphere on this planet AKA radiation and meteor shield. Get ready for the next big one! We need to become conscious and seed life in other biospheres off this planet.
Note the remote controls ( I PHONES) in their hands and the dumb human worshiping them.... One of the cylinders is broken. Below is a picture of the inside of a flying saucer. My book, COSMOLOGICAL ICE AGES can be purchased from  or, or

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