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Now: Federal Arrests of Sheriffs...

Sent: Monday, April 1, 2013 5:39 PM
Subject: Fw: Federal Framework Being Set Up To Arrest Sheriffs

If the county and the states let this happen.. There is absolutely no constitution and no
defense to the total takeover of America.. This is very bad, but if the counties start talking
to the people of their county and get a plan of action, they can still be stopped.
For instance, get the National Guard commanders for Oregon and find out how important
their Oath of office is. You must take some high ranking sheriffs and begin meeting with
these Officers, if you are not already. They can be made to see the real danger coming our
way, and if they believe the people will back them up they may stand with you.
I can tell you this is very serious and a dash to destroy everything our Nation stands for.
They are out to enslave us all. They are running out of time and will hurt anyone & everyone
they can going out.
Please take this very serious......Dan
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Secret Service to Arrest Sheriffs
Credit: American Conservative
Colorado, and apparently Texas (next) are being targeted with an attempt to set up a federal authority framework that will enable Secret Service agents (not just those guarding the president), and others of the U.S. Secret Service including uniformed division officers, physical security technicians and specialists, and other ‘special officers’, to arrest and remove an elected sheriff for refusing to enforce the law (or anyone breaking the law). The bills being introduced defines law as including any rule, regulation, executive order, court order, statute or constitutional provision.
Why are they doing this? Here’s why...
It would establish federal authority police powers in a State, enabling an enforcement arm reporting directly to the president (Secret Service). It would enable the president / executive branch to theoretically override the actions and preventative measures that are now being taken by many States throughout the country who are trying to preserve 2nd Amendment gun rights and who are prohibiting the enforcement of unconstitutional law passed by Congress or pushed by executive order.
As some of you may know, a growing list of sheriffs (more than 340 so far) across the country have expressed that they will not enforce a Washington mandate that clearly violates the Second Amendment. Many State laws to preserve gun rights are gaining momentum. States include Montana, Ohio, Kentucky, Idaho, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona, Michigan, Utah, and New Mexico. However, in Colorado, Senate Bill SB-13-013 has evidently just passed, and is now ready to be signed by the governor, giving police powers and arrest authority to the federal/executive branch of government (Secret Service) within the State. In Texas a similar bill has just been introduced in the State legislature.
The president and vice-president Biden have been actively pursuing state legislatures and pushing for passage of the bills. Obama is scheduled to visit Colorado in just a few days. “Colorado is a pawn for the Obama-Biden plan,” and then on to the next... at least those that won’t fall into line. It is a full court press by the federal government to empower themselves even further by inserting themselves as police authority within the state, to eliminate opposition.

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