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From: Tea Party Army®
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> 10/28/2015
> Dear Fellow Patriot,
> John Boehner and Barack Obama struck an $8 TRILLION budget deal behind
> closed doors that they just revealed yesterday -- and the vote will
> take place tomorrow!
> This plan is unconstituti
onal because it pre-funds functions that> should be voted on in the year that they occur. Thus, your vote next
> year for a Representative and Senator will not even count because the
> new Congress for 2017 will already have its priorities set by Boehner
> and Obama - who will both be gone by that time!
> You must send FaxGrams to Congress immediately to stop the
> Boehner-Obama deal that many conservative columnists are calling the
> "Zombie
> Budget!"<>>
> Conservative opposition to Obama will be next to impossible during his
> last year in office because the Boehner budget deal gives Obama
> everything he wants. Obama will be able to run roughshod over America
> and our Constitution. This budget even raises the debt ceiling by $1.5
> trillion!
> We are so mad about this that we want to run an ad campaign on the
> Drudge Report to raise awareness of it.
> If you contribute $100 or more to this campaign, you can send FaxGrams
> to all 535 Senators & Representatives plus we will send you a 3'x5'
> American
> flag.<>>
> []> <>>
> Charles Benninghoff, Founder
> Donation proceeds to defeat the Boehner-Obama budget abomination will
> be needed to fund an advertising campaign on the Drudge Report, the
> largest online conservative news outlet in the world, and other outlets
> as they become available.
> So please, contribute as much as you can
> TODAY!<>>
> Just how bad is this budget?
> America's Senator Jeff Sessions, a devout Christian from Louisiana,
> remarked, "My knees quiver at the sound" when he was told what was in
> the deal.
> "Based on what I know now," Sessions told reporters, "It appears
> [Obama] got whatever he wanted!"
> The Boehner-Obama pact against America is a two-year, $8 trillion deal
> that throws the entire appropriations and reconciliation process out
> the window.
> No cuts, budget caps are ignored and the sky is the limit for Obama to
> pass executive orders and new regulations during his last year in
> office.
> If Obama wants to bring in a couple of million new Muslim "immigrants"
> or "refugees" next year, he will have the cash to do it if this budget
> passes!
> Not to mention the fact that it nullifies your vote next year. How?
> The next Congress will be seated in January of 2017 -- but the funding
> for that fiscal year will already have been set by John Boehner and
> Obama, before the new Congress was even elected!
> No wonder the Heritage Foundation and other groups are calling it a
> zombie budget. Obama will no longer even be in office, but he and a
> willing Congress will have fully funded Obamacare for two more years!
> Send as many FaxGrams as you can right now to stop this budget deal
> before tomorrow's
> vote!<>>
> Jesus warned in a parable in Luke 14:28-30 about a nobleman who builds
> a tower without first
"counting the cost." (NPT Bible pg. 1,217) This> Congress is not counting the cost - they do not even have time to read
> the bill before tomorrow's vote!
> The "leaders" who have sprung this budget abomination on us are "those
> who walk according to the flesh in the lust of uncleanness and despise
> authority." (2 Peter 2:4-11, NPT
Bible pg. 1,481)>
> This budget scam crafted in secret by Obama and Boehner destroys the
> Constitution and cancels out your vote next year. Spending is so out of
> control that even 44% of Democrats now favor a government shutdown to
> rein things in, according to a new AP poll!
> Send your FaxGrams to stop Obama's budget
> NOW!<>>
> []<>>
> Another way that you can help is by warning others about this budget
> abomination. Just send them this full link:
> After you have sent your FaxGrams, contact your Representative and
> Senators at
202-224-3121 and be very blunt with them. Tell them that if> they vote in favor of this bloated budget deal, you will support their
> opponent in next year's primary!
> Finally, please remember to "Like" the Tea Party Army® page on Facebook
> and ask your online friends to "Like" us as well.
> In His Name,
> []> Charles Benninghoff, Founder
> Tea Party Army®
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> to all of your family members, friends and acquaintances.

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