Friday, May 18, 2012

Good News! Detention of citizens without trial declared Unconstitutional

The timing couldn't be any better: As Congress gets ready to vote on indefinite detention today, a judge just ruled that these provisions of last year's National Defense Authorization Act are unconstitutional!
Congratulations to Chris Hedges and Revolution Truth -- who spearheaded the lawsuit -- and to the 50,000 Demand Progress members who signed on as grassroots supporters of the effort.
It's a huge victory, but we need to keep pushing Congress to do the right thing too: The government is likely to appeal the court's ruling, so we have to make sure we beat back indefinite detention during today's vote.
Please click here to call your member of Congress right away -- it'll just take a minute and we'll give you a call script you can use.
The vote is expected this afternoon, so we need calls to start pouring in first thing this morning.

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