Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Will President, Obama declare Marshal Law?

to undisclosed recipients

Will Barack Obama declare Marshall Law?

I have been reading & hearing simular reports for several months now. From what I have been hearing it seems feasible that he is planning disruptive actions in this country to his  benefit and for his agenda.

There has been much prayer going up for this nation in recent times & we need to continue and increase our prayers that the Lord reigns in this Great Nation & our common enemy (Satan) is rendered helpless in his evil attempts against us & our nation. 

That He would Remove those who would attempt to destroy this nation & Remove any & all governments and systems who have a similar mission. 

Pray that as "We, the servents of the Almighty God" repent, confess and turn from OUR wicked ways the Lord will again BLESS & heal our land (governments, systems, leaders, crops, weather, etc.).

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