Wednesday, May 9, 2012

How to fix the economy...

Fixing the Economy

I can’t believe all the Harvard Economists and financial advisors in government can’t come up with a plant to stimulate the economy. Are they really that dumb? Never give rich bankers hundreds of billions of dollars and expect it to trickle down to the private sector. Rich people have hundreds of years of experience hiding money. I am convinced that they intentionally want to sabotage the economy.

The solution is we need more money at the bottom of the pyramid.

1.      If the government gave $300,000 (this is approximately the same amount they gave to the big banks) to everyone with a business license they would put the money in the small banks and there would be no banking crises.
2.      Under the fractional reserve system of banking the banks would loan out ten time that amount to loan out to people to expand their business and buy homes. People wouldn’t be loosing their homes. There would be no housing crises.
3.      The businesses would hire more employees so there would be little or no unemployment. There would be no employment crises.
4.      Increased production of food and commodities would make everything more affordable for everyone. Our standard of living would go up. The economic crises would be gone.
5.      The government would get all the money back in two years with income taxes. Instead the government has a 200-trillion debt obligation that can never be paid back. 

We have a foreign born president bought and paid for by George Soros and the Saudis. Instead of making life easier for people we are involved in several brush wars around the world to kill people and make arms manufacturers rich. 

Now the economy in shambles with the energy companies sucking the life blood out of everyone. Why are they doing this to us? Why are they intentionally trying to destroy this nation? 

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