Friday, May 11, 2012


We can put an end to a shocking assault on our civil liberties:
Last year's National Defense Authorization Act included language that could allow the military to detain civilian suspects INDEFINITELY without charge or trial.
This year's NDAA could come up for a vote as soon as next week and we have a prime opportunity to reverse this travesty of justice.
Click here to fight back: Email your member of Congress right away.
Congressmen Adam Smith and Justin Amash will put forth an amendment to make it clear that the military does not have the power to arrest and indefinitely detain civilians without charging or trying them.
Please urge your lawmakers to support their efforts and help us spread word far and wide.
Just click here to email your member of Congress right away -- a few seconds of effort will help us reclaim our cherished civil liberties.
PS: Help us reclaim our civil liberties. The vote could be next week, so please urge your friends to get involved right away. You can forward this email or use these links:
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