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Corruption exposure keep it up!

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On Monday, April 19, 2010 2:49:27 PM UTC-4, financialtools1 wrote:
Judge Wood and US Atty. Fitzgerald  are some of the best choices for
America's Supreme Court :

1) Judge Wood has 14 years experience on the bench, she is very
smart , pro USA Constitution , pro-choice ,an independent thinker and
one of the top legal brains around , so President Obama will give in
to the neocon lobby and put Elena Kagan in the Supreme Court , after
all she is the top pick of the Cheney-Starr-Murdoch-Netanyahu
organized political-military group, so who is going to dare stand up
the them, right? and since the so-called "conservatives" in the Senate
will only support whoever the Murdoch-FoxTV-Limbaugh-Beck-Palin-CNN-
Kristol supports, that will push Kagan right into the Supreme Court in
a second, isn't wonderful?

Another wonderful fact about Elena Kagan is that she was and is the
top assistant and partner of Jamie Gorelick, who the Wall Street
Journal called in their '05 editorial " Gorelick's Wall ",  the best
help the 9/11 terrorists ever got , because she wrote an amazing memo
at the DoJ before 2001 making sure that no one in the FBI, Criminal
and Civil , Intelligence ,  etc. Dpt.'s of the Justice Dpt. could talk
with each other about any one being investigated inside the USA for
terrorism, crimes, probable cause , border and visa issues, airports,
intent, etc.... so the 9/11 fanatics went on with their plan and the
rest and Iraq are history...but anyway , the so-called " conservatives
" will never even talk about Gorelick , Kagan and the DoJ memo
disaster before 9/11, so what's the point ,right?

at Wilmer Hale, Kagan and her neocon partners were busy, very busy,
with so much businesses, but anyway, the conservatives won't even ask
what kind, right? and for whom and with whom, right? ....never ! let's
only talk games ,players, celebrities, gossip and scandals, yeahhhh !

2) US Atty. Fitzgerald is one of the very few that ever had what it
takes to stand up to the Cheney-Murdoch-Netanyahu lobby in cases like
the Libby -CIA leaks and lies about them , he is also one of the
sharpest minds around , so he would be under massive neocon attack in
the Senate, and we know who is in charge, right? what a shame ,
America !

so, at the end of the day, president Obama, all alone , will have no
option but to select the worst choice, the extreme neocon Elena Kagan,
a political appointee with not one day of experience on the bench, and
representing the Cheney-Kristol-Limbaugh-Murdoch-Netanyahu political-
military group, and she will watch the Court and find out what the
"weak and scandal spots" are and report them to the Murdoch-Fox TV -
New York Post Media machine so they can make millions with the rumors
and scandals , just like Goldberg and her daughter Monica Lewinski did
with President Clinton, the same operation, the same criminal intent
and the same gentile victims, and the whole country will pay, as

And let's not blame only the neocons above , let's blame ourselves
too, because no one in D.C. is even talking about these facts above,
America has lost its Constitutional Free Media, we all let the neocons
above take over the Taxpayers Airwaves, the Taxpayers Internet, the
Taxpayers space for Free Speech, they took it all and no one said
anything, they fabricated lies to go to war and no one said anything,
they lied about derivatives and swaps with Government guarantees and
no one said anything, they lied about junk foods ,sugary sodas and
genetically modified seeds and no one said anything and now we are the
sickest and fattest of them all, so now they rule the Airwaves and
they pick the next Supreme Court nominee....the President is all
alone.... and it's our fault, America....and no one cares ....

....and about Fox -TV and its Cheney-Limbaugh-Kristol-Murdoch-
Netanyahu machine , they have hijacked the Tea Party movement, even
trying to put Ron Paul and his Constitutional passion aside and push
the Tea Party to support more wars in the Middle East for the profit
of the extreme Murdoch -Netanyahu  neocon lobby machine,  and will the
Tea Party members fall for it ?

...if you have the time to check the blog above :  who will tell all
about the J-10 , J-11 and J-12 jet fighters from the Chinese Military
that look like the best of the F-16 and  F-35 ?

and more bad news  : the new US Ambassador to the Czech Republic
is ,according to the W.Post, the extreme neocon orthodox Norm Eisen,
but i do understand P.Obama and VP Biden, this operative from the
Murdoch-Netanyahu lobby was in the White House, at least he is out
now ! .....feel sorry for the Czech and P.Klaus, this neocon will work
to confront European against European to distract and steal from all,
that's what they do ! he works with the
KKR,Blackstone,SAC,Soros,Goldman Sachs ,BlackRock group, they will
"short" the Czech's Economy  and all of Europa, to buy it on the
cheap, that's how they do it .

To get all the key facts about the roots of the 2008 Derivatives
Financial Disaster , check these 2 stories below by the same writer
who first exposed all last December :

S.E.C. Accuses Goldman of Fraud in Housing Deal

Senior Executives at Goldman Had a Role in Mortgage Unit

This is not capitalism, this is greed, fraud , criminal abuse and
regulatory corruption, so we need to re-invent the Financial Markets ,
and where every kid can start his or her own business, where green
jobs and new growth solutions can happen.

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