Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Obama money scams...

All Christians and American patriots should read The New American magazine for Jan. 7, 2013. It describes how Obama is attacking all our freedoms.
If it were more widely known how Obama is laundering counterfeit money (causing the national debt), no one would vote for him except idiots.

Did you know that some think that the green company Solyndra's bankruptcy was an isolated event? Where Obama gave millions of our dollars to a company that went bankrupt two years later. And they still received more stimulus dollars even after their bankruptcy.

Then we need to see the list. First of all it must be explained that solar, and wind energy are play things that will never meet our energy needs, and are thus doomed to failure. Except they and other scams make money and power for Obama and his Illuminati.
The swindler's list:

Abound Solar, A123 Systems, Tesla Motors, First Solar, Bright Source, Amonix, and New American says the list goes on. Billions of your dollars squandered on bunko scams that made money for Obama and the Illuminati billionaires. No wonder the debt has gone up another second Trillion dollars in four years! And this is not Obama's only method of swindling the American people. 

Here is how the Green scheme works. (I have often stated that Communism is no longer Red, it is Green which means go!) First these companies are invested in by billionaires (i.e. the Illuminati). Then they send money to Obama or other Democrats for their elections. Then Obama returns the favor by having the Federal Reserve prints counterfeit dollars, which add to your debt to be paid back by taxes. Then these companies send back thousands of the dollars they received for Obama's and other politicians willing to give them more "stimulus" dollars, elections. I would call this money laundering.

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