Friday, January 11, 2013

Will the US government collapse? How did Russia survive?

How did Russia reorganize after the fall of the Soviet Union? Are there any books out there that explains the history of this event? I want to know because we may be facing a similar event in thei country. If anyone can suggest some reading on this subject I would appreciate it.

I am starting to feel a very distinct rift in America, it feels divided and leaderless, it is almost like high school with all the different groups eating lunch at there own table, all the while never realizing they are attending the same school. It is disheartening on many levels and it is a real shame it has come to this but that does not change the fact that there seems to be issues that large groups of Americans are not able to compromise on.

The question arises; have some of the issues dividing us today been manufactured for the purpose to weaken our reserve? You may have heard of the ancient strategy, "Divide and conquer."

The answer to this is actually very simple in speech but I fear it is much harder to accomplish in practice but I fear it is the only way to stop people from both sides from turning to violence out of anger and fear, this of course is only my opinion.

The United States is and has always been a republic and states rights were very important to our forefathers for a reason. At any given time in history, Americans are bound to be divided on certain issues and in rare occasion, these divides can and sometimes will be irreconcilable, so, what are we to do without arming ourselves and shooting each other? It's a tough question that we shouldn't have to ask ourselves, yet here we are.

Being a republic and being afforded and protected by the one true law we all share as Americans, the constitution, the states themselves can stop the federal government from over reaching on there power, they can and must be the last defense against tyranny because none of us as individuals can do so without well regulated militias, organization, training and leadership. We do not have these things, we have not for some time but the patriot act has assured that we could not create such in the dwindling economy and overstretched laws that quickly followed without being labeled as domestic terrorists instead of normal Americans who live by the law, the real law our country was founded on and for.

Consider this, if those that would take up arms should legislation that is unconstitutional and illegal be put in place and your plan is to take up arms anyway, then, at that point you are all in anyway and would you not try one last thing to avoid bloodshed, most probably your own to achieve the goal of restoring our liberty? Those that can not live with unjust and illegal law, should before violence seek out states that are strongholds for the constitution en mass. If we all do this, we can effect change through peacful non compliance with federal law while being protected by the state, and each other.

The federal government will not seek to enforce illegal laws in states that have outlawed such federal legislation based on blatant non compliance of the constitution and are willing to pledge there law enforcement officers, sheriffs and volunteers of the community to arrest and federal employees trying to do so. If the population really will split 50/50 of such an issue as we have been presented the past month, perhaps it is best we all try going our own way and leaving each other alone before we consider violence as nothing I could imagine could be worse than Americans killing Americans for political ideology.

I am not a pacifist and I would fight to defend the constitution, liberty and freedom, I am no coward but it seems to me that there may be another way and that way is to use the 10th amendment like it hasn't been used since our first civil war and the people who really care, who want to affect change, should do so to at least try to prevent violence if it is avoidable. If enough of us pack our bags, our families and our lives and head to the places they still honor freedom, we may find ourselves with better company and a little more security when we lay our heads down at night.

This is all just my opinion

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