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"We've made an awful mistake!"
Dismay was in Dean's voice. "A student has knocked
our theory to bits!"
Dr Dean Kenyon, Professor of Biology (Emeritus) at
San Francisco State University, was one of the
leading chemical evolution theorists in the world.
He co-authored "Biochemical Predestination", which
1. that the evolution of life was inevitable…
2. that proteins to produce living cells were formed
directly by forces of attraction between their parts…
3. that proteins are just formed together (self-assemble)
in chains, directly from amino acids, without any DNA
assembly instructions.
His theory was accepted with enthusiasm by the
evolutionary scientific community. But within just five
years after publishing, Kenyon suddenly had serious
It began when one of his students asked, “How could the
first proteins have been assembled without the help of
genetic instructions?” (Proteins were the necessary
information to build the first cell.)
And then DNA was discovered. This would prove fatal to
Kenyon’s molecular evolution theory. Kenyon confesses,
“The more I conducted my own studies, including a period
of time at NASA-AIMS Research Center, the more it became
apparent there were multiple difficulties with the
chemical evolution account.
“And further experimental work showed that amino acids
do not have the ability to order themselves into any
biologically meaningful sequences.
“The more I thought about the alternative that was
being presented in the criticism, and the enormous
problem that all of us who had worked on this field
had neglected to address, the problem of the origin
of genetic information itself, then I really had to
re-assess my whole position regarding origins.”
(Unlocking the Mysteries of Life)
What he now had to address was this: What was the
source of the biological information in DNA?
“If one could get at the origin of the messages,
the encoded messages within the living machinery,
then you would really be onto something far more
intellectually satisfying than this chemical
evolution theory.”(Ibid.)
The astonishing fact is that inside every
microscopic-sized cell, machines work together to
accomplish specific jobs and are shepherded by
other specially shaped machines to precise locations
where they are needed.
Learning this, Kenyon exclaimed, “This is absolutely
mind-boggling, to perceive at this scale of size,
such a finely tuned apparatus, a device, that
bears the marks of intelligent design and
This is observable evidence of thoughtful, programmed
designing by some Superior Mind. Evidence of
intelligently organized patterns.
Something else. Did you know this? It was recently
discovered that DNA is linked to music!
If you like music, but think that you can’t carry a
tune, you may be wrong.
Respected geneticist, Susumo Ono, believes he’s
discovered music in genes– particularly human genes,
fish genes and rabbit genes. Susumo is a researcher
in DNA.
He asked himself, If we were to assign a musical note
to each chemical on the DNA strand and string those
notes together and play them, what would DNA sound
So he did this – and the result was amazing.
He discovered musical patterns of notes, that again
reveal intelligence.
Susumo Ono was so astonished that he took his
findings to musicians.
And musicians, in turn, were astonished to hear
echoes of Bach, of Schubert, of Mozart in DNA
Using the same formula for converting DNA into
music, Dr Ono worked backwards and translated
Chopin's funeral march into chemical symbols. It
came out cancer!
Skeptics naturally point out that these strands
of DNA produce only a string of single notes; it
is the musicians who fill in the rhythm and the
But the bottom line is this: Whichever way you
look at it, the PATTERNS of single notes testify
to intelligence as the source of DNA.
Certainly it is not from a blind, accidental force
in nature.
But there’s more, much more.
Scientists at Bell Laboratories conducted studies
on the mathematical language in the DNA molecule.
And what did they find? Its mathematical pattern
is identical to that of conversational language.
Concerning DNA, Charles Thaxton states:
“A structural identity has been discovered between
the genetic message on DNA and the written messages
of a human language.” (Charles Thaxton, “A New
Design Argument,” Cosmic Pursuit 1, no. 2, Spring
Hupert Yockey explains:
“There is an identity of structure between DNA
(and protein) and written linguistic messages.
“Since we know by experience that intelligence
produces written messages, and no other cause is
known, the implication, according to the abductive
method, is that intelligent cause produced DNA and
“The significance of this result lies in the security
of it, for it is much stronger than if the structures
were merely similar.
”We are not dealing with anything like a superficial
resemblance between DNA and a written text.
”We are not saying DNA is like a message. Rather, DNA
is a message. True design thus returns to biology.”
(Hubert P. Yockey, “Journal of Theoretic Biology”)
Since there is no doubt in anyone’s mind it takes
intelligence to write a language, it is evident that
it took intelligence to write the DNA code.
Dean Kenyon was asked if DNA comes in intelligently
designed ‘sentences’.
INTERVIEWER: “And is it true that when scientists
peer into the microscopic world of DNA, they find
not mere random arrangements, but well-written
‘instruction books’?”
KENYON: “Yes. Masterpieces of immense intricacy and
INTERVIEWER: “And you argue that these biological
‘sentences’ in DNA could not have arisen merely by
material means, as evolutionists suggest?”
KENYON: “No. Just as the chemistry and physics of ink
and paper do not determine the order of symbols in a
printed text, but that order must be impressed on the
ink from the ‘outside’, so also the order of the
bases, or sub-units, in DNA [adenine, thymine, guanine,
and cytosine, or A, T, G, and C as commonly represented]
is not determined by the known chemical tendencies of
these individual sub-units, but instead appears to have
been impressed from the ‘outside’ on the sub-units to
create just those sequences that make biological sense.
The fantastic complexity and orderliness of the DNA code
– condensed into an incredibly tiny size – suggests the
work of a brilliant intellect rather than chance
It suggests that much thought has gone into their design
– just as human beings use intelligence to design and
construct computers, Jumbo jets, space craft and other
intricate equipment.
If radio signals were to be received from outer space,
they would be understood as evidence of an intelligent
Why then should we not regard the message sequence on
the DNA molecule as prima facie evidence of an intelligent
But that is not all! Gene code letters have built in
error protection!
Genes store information in long strings of DNA, in the
form of chemical letters, called A, T, C and G.
So that genes can be accurately copied, each gene
consists of two parallel strands of DNA held together
by links between the code letters of one strand and
those of the other strand.
The two strands are not identical. That is, A’s do not
link to A’s, and so on.
Instead, they are complimentary. A’s always link to T’s;
C’s always link to G’s.
Donail MacDonaill of Trinity College, Dublin, studied
that pattern of linkages between letters.
And he found that they form a parity code similar to
computer codes, to minimise mistakes during the
electronic transfer of information. (Nature science
update, 18, 2002)
Now is the moment of truth. No one would be so naïve as
to believe modern electronic parity codes could have
evolved by chance. They were carefully planned by
software designers.
The parity code found in DNA is further evidence the
genetic code was deliberately created.
It also reminds us that DNA is designed to maintain
accurate copies and avoid changes in the information
it carries.
This means it was designed to NOT evolve. But rather
to reproduce its own kind forever.
Come to think of it, wouldn't that make evolution
scientifically impossible?
In all the 8 years since I began sending out this
newsletter, seldom have I gone public with such
explosive information. I know some people who just
can’t handle this.
This "FEARSOME FOURSOME" of cover-up secrets will
ANGER and SHOCK many people – but it has to come
out now. I can hold back no longer.
If you love TRUTH, you will be glad these explosive
facts are OUT AT LAST!
When you see this information you will agree – some
It is stuff that some people kill for – literally!!!
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