Tuesday, February 5, 2013

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Read this urgent
communication NOW.
Especially if you have
"nothing to hide."
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NOTICE: This briefing was lawfully compiled through research of unclassified internal government documents meant for police use only. The shocking details which follow reveal only a small segment of creepy central-government policing...
Dear Valued Reader:
Having" nothing to hide" has now made you a big, fat target.
That's because the permanent, unelected Washington bureaucracy is quietly setting up a massive national system to identify, classify, and control politically incorrect segments of the population. Far, far beyond the realm of legitimate law enforcement.
You need to know what I am about to tell you, especially if you are a law-abiding individual. Your instinct may be to ignore or deny this danger, but doing so is actually more hazardous, for the disturbing reasons I show you shortly.
Consider just one very typical new federal" pilot program." If you are observed regularly paying cash for a cup of coffee, it's now officially a matter of law enforcement interest, as explicitly mandated in quasi-secret documents prepared and distributed by the U.S. Dept. of Justice bureaucracy.
Here's the actual document being distributed to coffee shop workers nationwide:
FBI Directive - Against Cash Users
The fine print says that coffee buyers who pay cash (among a dozen other so-called "Potential Indicators of Terrorist Activities")" could be innocent and must be examined by law enforcement professionals [emphasis is mine]..."
Coffee shop employees are told that turning in descriptions and license plate numbers of cash-paying" offenders" will "make a positive contribution to the fight against terrorism."
Please understand – I'm not singling this out as an extreme example from the latest FBI/Justice Dept. initiative. In fact, it is absolutely typical of new rules against scores of routine behaviors carried out by normal people like you and me – behaviors that the FBI now says it wants to track, record, and analyze for the purposes of" threat assessment."
Crony Capitalists Buy Into Cashless Society and
Covert FBI Citizen Tracking System
Call it a coincidence if you like, but as I write this bulletin, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz just did a live, nine-minute interview with Charlie Rose on CBS This Morning to declare that his company has deemed cash" obsolete," urging customers to pay for their $4 lattes with a whiz-bang new cellphone app.
This is not a fluke. The degree to which central government power is expanding behind this national system's construction is astonishing. The FBI is seeking and getting the cooperation of many in the private sector to help build police-state infrastructure.
Which is why you absolutely, positively, must handle this totally shocking briefing with extreme discretion.
You see, what I am about to reveal won't be found anywhere else. And after you are done going through this briefing, there are several critical advantages that you will enjoy over 99% of all other Americans:
  • ADVANTAGE #1: You will greatly reduce your chances of becoming a" person of interest" to all levels of law enforcement. To do that, you need to know exactly how federal agencies now identify Americans they feel need" closer scrutiny."
  • ADVANTAGE #2: You will have greatly insulated yourself against brand new regulatory and legal dragnets designed to trap and fleece law-abiding Americans.
  • ADVANTAGE #3: You will be well ahead of sweeping changes that will likely restrict your ability to buy ammo from Internet and retail vendors, to make private trades, to travel freely, and even use your cell phone and computer privately.
The population monitoring and control infrastructure being erected right now is on a scale equivalent to the building of the U.S. Interstate Highway system in the 1950s. But instead of helping you get from Point A to Point B, this major and permanent new element of American infrastructure is going to track you from Point A to Point B, and anywhere else you go, for any law-enforcement fishing expedition.
Here's the rub: Washington's new command and control structure is being built on the very same surveillance technologies, social controls and policing tactics our armed forces developed and perfected for the military occupation of Iraq.
Except that this system is run by civilian bureaucrats at the Department of Homeland Security and TSA and directed straight at us – right here on American soil. Let's look at just one highly secret federal project that is being kept out of the public eye.
Such as the massive data-processing and domestic communications traffic-monitoring mega-center just now being completed in Utah – a million square foot national clearinghouse for locally run mini-CIA" fusion centers" being set up in local communities throughout the country.
Look, as an investigative reporter I tend to be jaded about politics. To the point that very few things the political class does upset or alarm me anymore. Much less surprise me.
In fact," tuning out" alarmists and conspiracy theory extremists is second nature to me. That said, this trend literally scares the dickens out of me.
Because what I am about to shock you with goes far beyond legitimate police work.
Tracking Everyone, Everywhere, 24/7
No, the surveillance and population control" building blocks" being put into place are about bureaucrats proactively identifying and classifying a massive number of people.
In advance of any crime. On the assumption of guilty until proven innocent. Based on a secret federal review of their finances, privacy choices, personal transactions, personal and professional affiliations, and political and religious beliefs.
"Okay," you say," I have nothing to hide."No problem, right?
Wrong! Many official government documents I've uncovered specifically zero in and denigrate those who are not popular with the massive federal establishment and its armies of corrupt vested interests.
Please stick around for the stomach-turning details. Because while you probably don't want to hear it, you need to anyhow. Do it for your family.
Listen, I promise not to waste your time. What I am talking about goes way beyond the massive deployment of spy drones here in the U.S. that yes, has made some news.
You need to know what Uncle Sam and his legions of high-tech crony capitalists are doing to strip you of your freedom -- so you can at least take a few protective actions.
Simply being made aware to the technologies, techniques, and tactics being used to monitor, record, and analyze your daily activities is going to help you lawfully avoid many of them. In addition, reading and acting on this bulletin will help equip you with practical steps to safeguard your liberty whenever possible. More on that in a moment.
Ironically, a major driving force behind all the militarization of policing here in America is the wind-down of the Afghan and Iraq conflicts.
Legions of politically connected high-tech companies that built population control systems for the military occupation of these countries were at risk of not having a reason to exist, and worse, of losing their biggest source of taxpayer-guaranteed profit.
Unfortunately, these are very well connected interests. And like all lobbies, they need a huge new mission to justify their existence and expand.
"Big Sis" Secretly Repurposes Military-Industrial
Capabilities for Civilian Population Control
Enter Janet Napolitano's Department of Homeland Security – which has put numerous high-tech companies that helped the military set up population-control systems in Iraq to work doing the same thing here at home.
The end result you have to concern yourself with is the birth of an iron triangle of powerful interests that are heavily vested in unprecedented levels of federally directed policing of the general public.
For example, a recent Wall Street Journal story," High Tech Surveillance Comes to Small Towns," spotlighted the proliferation of high-tech trade shows that cater to the urgent central planning agenda of the federal government, especially Homeland Security.
These citizen-tracking technology expos are attracting small-town police departments -- many of which are flush with federal grant money and a long shopping list for the most advanced and prestigious new military weapons being made available to them.
High-tech companies selling these intrusive surveillance and crowd control technologies do so at secretive conferences; they just don't want you to know the extent to which local law enforcement is becoming part of the national civilian surveillance architecture and increasingly militarized. But I want you to know, and fortunately a few national news outlets like The Wall Street Journal are also unafraid to ask probing questions.
The Journal goes on to report that small sheriffs' departments are particularly enthusiastic about the most popular training sessions offered by these trade show organizers, such as" Online Social Media and Internet Investigations" and" Exploiting Computer and Mobile Vulnerabilities for Electronic Surveillance."
You may have even noticed that many local law enforcement departments around the country are already engaged in major" mission creep" to justify their new surveillance capabilities and other resources. They are proactively looking for extremist or criminal activity on Internet trading forums, such as Craigslist.
New FOIA documents show TSA is planning a national campaign to expand Mobile Body Scanners to train stations and all forms of ground transportation. Part of a broader TSA program to expand road and highway checkpoints across the nation.
The agency's so-called VIPR (Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response) system is part of a federal program known as" Checkpoint USA," where VIPR teams" screen" travelers.
James Bond Toys and Tactics Being
Pushed to Local Law Enforcement
Here is a rundown of a few of the high-tech surveillance systems in the planning stages or being supplied to local police departments and regulatory bodies by federal bureaucrats:
  • Car makers are being" encouraged" to install black-box tracking systems in all new cars.
  • Some $31 billion has been spent since 2003 to create" mini-CIA" domestic" Fusion Centers" – where local police monitor the political activities of private citizens, then send that data to Washington. Considering that" constitutionalists" and" patriots" are identified in federal documents as possible terror threats who should be watched, these fusion centers are a genuine cause for concern.
  • Major grants are going to local police departments for license-plate readers to track autos (and by extension, their operators) automatically. Daily movements of tens of thousands of ordinary citizens are recorded electronically and logged into computer data storage banks where they are kept for months if not years.
  • New portable facial-analysis lie detectors – some units are based on thermal imaging technology – are being developed for wider use as in a national checkpoint system.
  • Feds are pushing so-called" smart meters" to replace traditional electric meters to monitor, analyze, and yes, control how families use power. Ideal for electricity rationing scenarios and monitoring power usage levels that exceed some bureaucrat's notion of how much we should be allowed to use. You may soon need government permission to do your laundry or adjust your thermostat.
  • A new suitcase-sized cell phone crashing device is being perfected for distribution to local law enforcement – the system can shut down protestors' phones and cell cameras. It's a total end-run around recent court decisions affirming your First Amendment right to video law-enforcement activities in public places.
  • Local police departments are now getting the Mobile Utility Surveillance Tower (MUST) – an armored surveillance command post designed to monitor, intimidate, and help subdue hostile urban crowds.
Homeland Security Rolling Out Still More
Freedom-Threatening Technologies and Initiatives
Notably, DHS is deploying still more citizen tracking programs nationwide, including:
  • Grants to local governments for" FBI Mobile," a portable biometric data collection system first deployed by the military to create IDs for Iraq's urban-war-zone residents.
  • Covert naked-body scanners for checking out the general public on U.S. streets, a" product" being developed by Rapiscan Systems.
  • A fleet of roving backscatter scanning vans for expansion to all forms of ground travel.
  • Military-developed, next-generation Taser systems capable of stunning and incapacitating large numbers of protesters.
  • Active Denial System (ADS)" Pain Ray" for use here at home.
  • Shockwave Area Denial System, which can Taser citizens within 100-meter ranges.
  • Laser Blinding Dazzler system, which causes temporary blindness in protestors.
  • Mass-deployed sedatives to incapacitate crowds, plus the Screaming Microwave system and ear-splitting noise machines for crowd control throughout the U.S.
All of what the Department of Homeland Security has planned for us may be appropriate to a military occupation in a foreign land. But the United States of America is not Iraq or Afghanistan, and there is no insurgency.
So why exactly do government planners feel that they need to arm so many local police departments with advanced population control hardware, sophisticated spying technology and paramilitary weaponry?
Well, we can speculate in a vacuum, or take a look at an astonishing federal planning document," Full Spectrum Operations in the Homeland: A Vision for the Future."
Published by the U.S. Army's University of Foreign Military and Cultural Studies at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, it projects the following specific scenario for using the military to maintain domestic order:
  • Tea Party" extremists" seize control of a South Carolina town, and the Army is sent to crush the" rebellion."
  • Under the Army's Operating Concept 2016-2028, the military units will be expected to" execute without pause and as professionally as if it were overseas."
Not only was this document created at taxpayer expense, there is no disclaimer attached to it. And no one has been reprimanded for spawning it.
Crazy and unbelievable as all this may seem, this is nothing in comparison to the details I release later on in this confidential communication.
But first I need to tell you how I discovered all this.
Here's the Backstory on How and Why I Created
This Urgent Confidential Briefing for You...
I have been working for almost two years on probably the most important story ever revealed in my 24 years of publishing private intelligence advisories for discerning readers of my Independent Living newsletter.
The War on Freedom: 78 Insidious Government Plans to Deprive You of Your Liberty
It's the ALL-NEW blockbuster manual called The War on Freedom: 78 Insidious Government Plans to Deprive You of Your Liberty.
When I started it I knew things were bad. But when I burrowed further into the research, things started getting scary.
In fact, what I found is an unprecedented federal law-enforcement dragnet that was apparently intended to be top secret, but which a number of local police agencies posted on their public websites – oops! When I tried to delve further by seeking official comment from the FBI, I was informed that I was" not supposed to know about" these documents!
So let me say this again: I want each freedom-oriented family to have one copy of my must read manual, The War on Freedom. You must learn about the new powers and programs the feds are quietly implementing in the dead of night. It goes well beyond any Orwellian nightmare, futuristic sci-fi novel, or doomsday conspiracy theory. It's worse by far than anything you've ever heard about, read about, or heard anyone postulate about.
Passing this information down into your family for safekeeping is crucial. I want every freedom-respecting U.S. household to have a copy. But no more than one copy per qualified family.
Because if too many people learn what's in my War on Freedom manual and use it, the defensive tactics it reveals will become public knowledge. So please do not count on getting this communication from me again.
Just please read to the end of this letter to get all of the information you need to make your own mind up. Fair enough?
Okay, I'm glad you're still with me, because I really need to ask you to consider these shocking revelations in my War on Freedom manual – information that my research staff and I ferreted out and that you will NOT find anywhere else.
  • You and I "are now living in an age of government secrecy run amok." So says former FBI undercover agent Mike German regarding a quasi-secret domestic surveillance law. The government made a stunning 76.8 million classification decisions in 2010, according to official statistics cited by Agent German.
  • Two U.S. Senators tried to find out how many private citizens' rights were being violated. They were told to effectively "take a hike."
  • Language snuck into the 2011 National Defense Authorization Act says you can be locked up indefinitely without a trial if the government deems you an enemy, or just a suspected enemy.
  • Only a committed conspiracy theorist could possibly fear the innocuous-sounding Department of Commerce, right? The fact is PC magazine reports that Commerce is now coordinating federal efforts to create an Internet ID for Americans, a key step in allowing the federal government to essentially license and control Internet use for private citizens and businesses – and track every move on the Internet.
  • An FBI attorney openly complained to Congress that web-based e-mail, social networking and peer-to-peer services are frustrating government eavesdropping efforts. Wired magazine says the FBI has built "a sophisticated point-and-click surveillance system that performs instant wiretaps on almost any communications device."
US Customs Pursues New Mission –
Initiate Fishing Expedition of Your Laptop
  • Suppose you take an overseas business trip to Germany, for example, or a vacation in Mexico. And you take along your laptop computer. No problem. Until you return to" friendly" U.S. soil and discover that the U.S. government has quietly rewritten customs rules to permit inspection of the contents of your laptop.
  • Buy two guns at a time (or even several days apart) in California, Texas, Arizona, or New Mexico and by law, your purchases must be reported straight to the Department of Justice, whose head, Atty. General Eric Holder, famously and publicly proclaimed, "it is wrong to carry a gun."
  • It used to be that police could not search your car unless they had one of three things: your permission, a warrant, or probable cause. Well, forget that. Cops now bring out canine units to sniff your vehicle; if they say the dog reacted positive for drugs, your protection against unreasonable search goes out the window. Scientific American reports that 90-95 percent of U.S. currency carries traces of cocaine, so your rights pretty much evaporate the second the dog shows up.
  • AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile all confirm that they are" cooperating" with law enforcement tracking of their own customers.
  • Refuse a government-ordered medical exam, go to jail. The laws to make this happen are already in place, and can be triggered at any time by government edict. Laws granting medical, religious, or philosophical exemptions would be vacated.
  • I'm as tough as the next guy when it comes to cracking down on criminals, but I've also seen how expansion of government power often begins by taking away the rights of a small population before eventually being applied to all of us. It happened with fingerprinting – originally required only of convicts, now required to get a driver's license in several states. The Enhanced DNA Collection Act is now law in 24 states, requiring felons to submit bodily tissues or fluids for the purpose of DNA collection. Given the historical precedent, it's likely just a matter of time until this mandate is extended to all arrests, including petty misdemeanors.
Government Whistle Blower
Prosecuted for Telling the Truth
  • The strange case of National Security Agency executive Thomas A. Drake – prosecuted by the U.S. government under the Espionage Act for telling the truth. His" crime"? Blowing the whistle on how the NSA tramples on Americans' privacy while it fritters away hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars.
  • Here's another federal entity you've likely never heard of – the White House Rural Council. It's typical of the central government's use of innocent-sounding names for powerful, freedom-destroying agencies. Created by Executive Order 13575, the council appears to be a vehicle for implementing the UN's" social justice" scheme, Agenda 21. It's a naked power grab to consolidate the future of food, fiber, and energy – and the people and enterprises that produce them.
  • One thing I grew up wanting to believe is that the horrors of Nazi Germany will never be repeated. So it gave me chills to read this account in a scholarly report:
    " There were relatively few secret police, and most were just processing the information coming in... It wasn't the secret police who were doing the wide-scale surveillance and hiding on every street corner. It was ordinary German people who were informing on their neighbors..."
    This is precisely the kind of environment DHS's" See Something, Say Something" campaign has the potential to turn into. DHS guidelines for this program are dangerously and absurdly vague. Anyone could be labeled a potential terrorist. I urgently recommend that you heed this entry in my War on Freedom.
  • Earlier I mentioned two powerful federal agencies most people have never heard of. The IRS, however, is universally known and widely loathed. What you may not have known is that the IRS added 16,000 new agents. Result: the targeting of small business, and a nearly 50% boost in tax liens. Read my War on Freedom to learn about IRS plans to make you "kiss your deductions and tax credits goodbye."
  • In all candor, I have an admission to make here. I haven't read the pages after pages of fine print in my cell phone's service agreement or privacy statement. But I'm positive of one thing. At no time did I give the National Security Agency permission to access my phone or my call records. Turns out, it doesn't matter; the NSA asserts that they have the authority to track your cell phone, and they've been doing so for a decade or more. I trust you are beginning to see why reading a copy of my War on Freedom is absolutely essential to safeguarding your privacy!
Inventor Pleads," Don't Use My
GPS For Warrantless Spying."
  • "Don't use my invention for warrantless spying." That's essentially what the lead inventor of the GPS said in pleading with the administration and the Supreme Court not to allow hidden tracking devices to be placed on vehicles without a court order. War on Freedom tells how this case turned out, and warns that you need to expect the government to keep pushing the envelope on technology and privacy.
  • Checking out a book from a public library... paying your local taxes or a parking ticket in person... taking your trash to a municipal transfer station. These are just a few ways average citizens interact with government. Soon, any of these locations and more may be used to capture your biometric data using facial recognition, iris scanning, and who knows what else under the Next Generation Identification system now being implemented by the FBI. Make no mistake – this is a major technology effort involving IBM, Lockheed Martin, and Northrop Grumman
  • Who's the child abuser here? You decide. A Detroit mother had second thoughts about giving psychiatric drugs to her daughter. The doctor turned the mom in to Child Protective Services (CPS), who came to take the girl, 13, away. CPS called for police back-up, and cops called the SWAT team when this gun-toting mama revealed her resolve to protect her child. A tense 12-hour standoff ensued. A rather ironic way to protect a young girl from psychological trauma, if you ask me. The bigger story: the lengths to which government will now go to forcibly drug kids.
  • Children younger than 18 can't get their ears pierced without mom or dad's okay. But California officials have decided that if 12-year-olds want to become sexually active and receive government-administered STD vaccines, it's officially a state secret – no parental consent.
  • Government intrusion into our private lives truly knows no limits. Washington is now developing requirements to mandate that farmers register their tractors and combines as Commercial Motor Vehicles, then qualify for and obtain commercial driver's licenses to operate them, even on their own land. If you thought food prices were high now, wait until the U.S. government becomes the de facto operator of American farms.
  • Is your favorite news site federal government-approved? Former President Bill Clinton is beating the drums for the creation of a federal" Ministry of Truth" to monitor liberty-oriented websites and force them to publish government propaganda.
TSA Catches Zero Terrorists,
Keeps Harassing Passengers Anyway
  • In private industry, anyone who tried to do something 50,000 times and succeeded zero times would surely be fired. But the TSA's so-called Behavioral Detection Program goes on despite having interrogated over 50,000 passengers and identifying zero terrorists.
  • Already widely mistrusted by the citizens who pay her hefty government salary, DHS Sec. Janet Napolitano is at it again. She's telling us about all the wonderful improvements she's planning in airport screening: "I think one of the first things you will see over time is the ability to keep your shoes on." What" Big Sis" isn't saying is that this" improvement" will be achieved by turning up the power on backscatter x-ray machines and even adding MRI technology to TSA checkpoints.
  • Funny thing about the government's proposed" Trusted Traveler Program," purported to be able to help frequent flyers sail through security: anyone signing up for the program will not be trusted. Instead they'll be subjected to extensive biometric scanning, background checks, submission of extensive personal information, and more.
  • "Works by indiscriminately intercepting very large quantities of communications and then siphoning out what is valuable using artificial intelligence aids to find key words." So said the London Telegraph of a system used by the U.S. National Security Agency to suck up communications "like a mammoth vacuum cleaner."
  • Do you think we'll ever see the day when the FBI can go directly to your cell phone company or internet service provider and obtain your private data records and communications without your knowledge and consent, or even a court order? I'm sorry to tell you, that day is already here thanks to the little-known Section 215 of the Patriot Act. You must read my War on Freedom manual and get the facts on this and other government programs that shred your constitutional rights.
  • Get set for 24-hour-a-day rationing and control of your individual use of electricity. If you use" too much" power, expect a brownout, blackout, or singling out of your home or neighborhood as your punishment for being a greedy, selfish power hog. Example: setting your air conditioning thermostat below 78 degrees in summer. The nationwide conversion to" smart meters" coupled with a regulatory blockade that has effectively stopped construction of new power plants means you'll no longer be allowed to use as much power as you're willing to pay for.
  • Social media is turning into one massive spy network. I'm not just talking about how some social media users foolishly post way too much personal data online, exposing themselves to schemers and cyber-crooks of all kinds. Now iPhoto and Facebook are targeting their own users' photos with facial recognition software. War on Freedom reveals how this "advance" may be used against you.
TSA Stresses You Out, Then Interrogates
You for Showing Signs of Stress
  • Don't blink. No really, don't blink. A simple wayward eye movement could turn you into a terror suspect. I'm not making this up. Janet Napolitano's DHS is fast developing technology that uses remote sensors to record physiological values such as heart rate and eye movement. From these and other indicators, software assesses" your intent to cause harm." Quite literally, you could be detained and interrogated for not blinking your eyes according to DHS norms.
  • I'd have trouble believing this one, if not for documentation I've personally examined. America's street lights are being" upgraded" to models outfitted with loudspeakers and hidden microphones by guess who – the Dept. of Homeland Security. These fixtures will broadcast" official announcements" as well as record conversations for government analysis. This is one sick, twisted, and bizarre program, and you and I paid for it. They're calling it – "Intellistreet systems."
  • If you rely on your cell phone in order to be able to call for help in an emergency (and who doesn't), be aware government agencies are now obtaining devices that will not only eavesdrop on your calls, but can effectively shut down all cellphones within range at the push of a button. While I'd like to think that I can trust my hometown police officers in most situations, the potential for abuse here is large.
  • Elevated, fortified guard towers belong in prisons, not America's cities and neighborhoods. However Congress is now being asked to fund a monstrosity called the Mobile Utility Surveillance Tower (MUST), an elevated high-tech guard tower to be used by law enforcement in case of" civil unrest."
Children Groomed from a Tender Age
to Accept Government Monitoring
  • Public school children in one U.S. city are now being video recorded as they eat lunch. Each child is uniquely identifiable via a barcode on their tray. Those who don't eat enough of their government-supplied meal have their file tagged for further action. As I've previously reported, government meals are now mandatory in some public schools, where cafeteria monitors seize brown-bag lunches sent from home and force children to eat government rations or go hungry.
  • "One nation, one map." This is the motto of the most extensive government mapping project ever conceived, pulling information from a wide range of databases and tying it together with pinpoint accuracy to any point on the map of the U.S.A. and its coastal waters. The agency running this mega-mapping project is headed by 18 generals and admirals.
  • The War on Freedom: 78 Insidious Government Plans to Deprive You of Your Liberty
  • My readers tend to be much better informed than the typical American. But I'll bet you've never heard of Executive Order 10998, allowing the government to take over all food resources and farms. It's one of 15 Executive Orders that will make your skin crawl, and listed in my War on Freedom. Frankly, as scary as they may be, they can also serve as a checklist of potential national emergencies and intrusive government actions for which you and I must prepare.
  • Official government sources are trying to sell you on the idea that FEMA internment camps are intended for use in Hurricane Katrina-type events. However I strongly suspect that the recent statement of liberty-oriented Congressman Ron Paul is much closer to the truth:" With the phony debt-based economy getting worse and worse by the day, the possibility of civil unrest is becoming a greater threat to the establishment."
  • Is the government's use of faith-based initiatives just a thinly veiled attempt to infiltrate your church and identify politically incorrect" extremists"? Read the comment I found from a NORTHCOM intel officer and draw your own conclusions.
  • Karl Marx used the term" opiate of the masses" metaphysically. But a weapon under development by the Pentagon is literally opium-like – a sleep-inducing chemical that can be deployed via artillery shell against a 2.5 acre gathering of human beings. If this weapon, too, is deemed to too politically incorrect to be deployed against enemy forces, Americans will be the only possible targets of this formidable biological weapon.
While these trends are ominous, the good news is that we are not in a true police state yet. Which is all the more reason I am contacting you so urgently now.
Because the information I want to discretely share with you right now is important enough to risk the wrath of the political class.
You see, official federal law enforcement documents indicate a high level of paranoia across a broad spectrum of agencies. And to put it mildly, they have many perceived enemies. I want to prepare as many liberty minded Americans as I can for what appears to be coming – because I do fundamentally believe there is greater safety in numbers.
And that growing awareness is our brightest hope. Remember, when creepy government power grabs such as" Total Information Awareness" have come to light, they have often been defeated.
It Doesn't Take a Conspiracy Theorist
to Get to the Bottom of This One...
Tellingly, my research for the War on Freedom mega manual shows just how hard the feds are trying to conceal the full extent of the population control infrastructure they are building. And that's our best break yet. It tells me that hope is still alive.
It's as simple as this: Advance knowledge is power. And I totally get that you are probably a law-and-order, pro-law enforcement kind of person.
Someone who respects the rule of law yet has a live-and-let-live attitude. Which is why you are exactly the kind of person who wants, needs and deserves this information.
You see, most law abiding Americans' first instinct (like mine) is to cooperate with law enforcement. That's certainly my basic inclination.
Yet federal bureaucrats have a new weapon they are using with deadly effectiveness against law abiding people. It's called Title 18, Section 1001 of the United States code. Basically, if a regulator or law enforcement agency talks with you on a" casual basis," you could easily make unguarded comments that open you up to prosecution for lying.
Worse, federal law enforcement agencies have a specific policy to prevent interviews from being recorded, a recent Wall Street Journal story showed. In short, people who talk with law enforcement have no way of proving whether or not they lied – or were lied to – during an interview, save for the notes taken during the interview.
People are going to prison for petty infractions under this statute – even though they are not prosecuted for the petty crimes themselves.
Civil libertarians on the left and the right are up in arms about growing abuses of power under 1001, as it is called.
Innocent people who run afoul of environmental regulations are taking the biggest hit. And 1001 apparently applies if you supposedly lie to any local official either, if they are acting on the basis of enforcing any federal decree or law.
Let me just say that I don't give a tinker's dam about protecting crooks. And my War on Freedom manual is absolutely not intended to help shady operators or scofflaws.
Unfortunately, the government is not gearing up to stop what you and I would regard as criminals. Far from it.
The people who don't have to worry are politically connected crooks – especially crony capitalists, banksters and loot-the-private-sector lawyers.
In fact, it is law-and-order Americans who are at greatest risk if these federal plans reach completion. Especially Americans who believe and act in defense of their legitimate constitutional rights.
If you know anyone like that, then you got this bulletin just in time. Because Uncle Sam is setting up a dizzying array of snares to hound and rip off law-abiding people.
I realize that this is a bit much to digest. But unfortunately none of this is a bureaucratic fluke or rogue agency situation.
Look, I totally 'get' that liberal political forces with an openly socialist agenda want to remake our nation in their image. And that globalists in New York, Washington, Europe, and the UN want to obviate our constitutional rights and make us servants of their utopian global village.
But the freedom-destroying technologies now being deployed in our cities and neighborhoods are much more easily explained. You see, there's a very powerful driving financial force behind all this rising thuggish government.
...All You Have to Do Is Follow the Money!
The corrupt interests that run the U.S. government sit atop an immense enterprise. Trillions of dollars are riding on a continuation of their way of life. And yet the federal government is by all accounts broke, surviving only by creating vast sums of fiat cash and pawning it off on Chinese investors whose patience with US insolvency is wearing thin.
So the choice facing these financially cornered federal employees and their crony capitalist allies in the private sector is simple. Either agree to reduce their power, prestige and bloated resources, or intimidate the public into silence and submission forever.
Do you have any doubt whatsoever as to where the political class stand on this?
I believe this dynamic explains at least some of the official paranoia and loathing of freedom-oriented Americans seen in official federal documents.
And why they are so motivated to rein in all their critics. And also why the national chain of intelligence collection fusion centers are set up to identify and report on people they think may resist the idea of becoming permanent serfs of the federal government.
Whether they are" law abiding" or not.
There are a shockingly large number of official government planning documents which telegraph this hostility:
A newly circulated Department of Homeland Security confidential study entitled Hot Spots of Terrorism and Other Crimes in the United States 1970-2008 characterizes Americans espousing traditionally patriotic values as potential terrorists.
It's all in the DHS report on pages 11-12, where law-abiding Americans exhibiting any of these characteristics are purported to be potential extremists and right-wing terrorists:
  • Americans who" are fiercely nationalistic, as opposed to universal and international in orientation"
  • Americans considering themselves" anti-global"
  • Americans who are" suspicious of centralized federal authority"
  • Americans who are" reverent of individual liberty (especially their right to own guns and be free of taxes)"
  • Americans exhibiting a belief in "conspiracy theories that involve grave threat to national sovereignty and/or personal liberty and a belief that one's personal and/or national way of life is under attack"
As much as I wish this were simply a case of isolated bureaucratic stupidity, it is not.
Now you may think that speaking out is more dangerous than staying silent as your best defense. But that is simply not true, and it is the most important reason you need to get my War on Freedom manual right away.
Now Let's Talk About My Specialty – Taking Personal
Action to Protect Our Individual Liberties
Look, enough about the problem. Let me tell you about my solution.
My researchers and I have created the only true blueprint of what federal bureaucrats have in mind for us.
The War on Freedom: 78 Insidious Government Plans to Deprive You of Your Liberty
My War on Freedom manual exists nowhere else. That's because no mainstream publisher would touch such a" tell-it-all" warning the way I do.
This mega-manual spells out 78 new freedom-stealing trends and initiatives that are currently under development.
Your family needs this document. Because without it, you can't see what is coming. And you need to. The manual protects you in two fundamental ways –
First and foremost, it cues you in to the dizzying list of freedom-destroying, behavior-tracking technologies and programs being deployed right now all over the country. With knowledge of these systems, you'll have a much better chance of avoiding them.
It's pretty rare that crony capitalists go on national television to admit their complicity with things like the FBI's campaign for a cashless, totally trackable society. You need my War on Freedom manual to alert you to the seemingly innocent activities that can land your name, address, image, travel habits, and much more in a federal law enforcement database or watch list.
If you think back to one of the first widespread uses of police technology, the radar gun, my War on Freedom manual is like a radar detector. It sounds the alarm about hidden government surveillance traps so you can" slow down" in time to avoid detection.
The second way War on Freedom proves invaluable is that where possible, I give you specific action steps to take to lawfully evade tracking of your personal life. You'll learn what to say and do, and what not to say and do, whenever you're in public, online, or dealing with a public employee (police officer, IRS agent, or librarian for that matter).
The overall goal is to reduce your visibility or simply blend into the background, while not exposing your personal data, beliefs, and habits to the various mechanisms that capture, store, and analyze this information.
Basically having your own copy of the War on Freedom is the difference between being an eagle-eyed, self-reliant individual or being a sitting duck for government surveillance.
I'm Going Way Above and Beyond
to Get You Up to Speed Pronto!
I am so anxious to get War on Freedom into your hands that I will drop-ship you a copy today for a mere $59 with free shipping. That's two years of my life to create the national go-to resource for gripping, must read information on what federal bureaucrats have in store for us.
To make this offer even more attractive, take my far better option designed just for you:
Enter a one-year subscription to America's self-reliancy advisory, Independent Living, for a mere $109 (that's $30 OFF the normal renewal price) and I will send you the War on Freedom manual, I'll pay all the shipping, PLUS I'LL THROW IN SEVEN GREAT BONUS REPORTS:
  • FREE BONUS REPORT #1: 21 Cutting-Edge Strategies for Reclaiming Your Privacy from Snoops, Corporations, and Newly Unleashed Government Busybodies. Retail value: $22.00
  • FREE BONUS REPORT #2: Six Key" Triggers" of Federal Scrutiny to AVOID When Buying, Selling, or Transporting Gold. Retail Value: $14.00
  • FREE BONUS REPORT #3: How to Get the File the IRS Has on YOU. Retail Value: $14.00
  • FREE BONUS REPORT #4: EXPOSED: Secret Bureaucratic Plans for Stealing" Protected" Tax-Deferred Retirement Plans. Retail Value: $19.00
  • FREE BONUS REPORT #5: Turning Lemons into Lemonade: 22 Ways Smart Investors are Cashing in on America's Deplorable Capital Flight Problem. Retail Value: 19.00
  • FREE BONUS REPORT #6: Capitalize on Creeping Socialism: Smart Ways to Protect and Expand Your Wealth Even in These Interventionist Times. Retail Value: $19.00
  • FREE BONUS REPORT #7: Insiders Tell All! 29 New Snares IRS Bureaucrats Are Using to Zero in on Unsuspecting Taxpayers and Their Assets. Retail Value: $24.00
Together with the War on Freedom mega-manual and your subscription savings, this offer is worth a whopping $349!
And it's all yours for a one-time payment of $109, all for a total retail value of $349!
Flat Out, 100% Guaranteed for 365 Days!
Even better, you have an ENTIRE YEAR to decide if you want these materials. That's how great my guarantee really is.
But far more important than that, you will have the only known manual that fully exposes all 78 freedom stealing initiatives that the government does NOT want you to know about.
At least until it's too late.
Let me stress that you cannot find this information anywhere else. Material that you absolutely need to pass into your family, so that you will not be caught off guard.
Understanding what is coming down the pike is essential.
And for the small one-time cost of $109, you will get a one-year subscription to Independent Living, plus our MUST-HAVE War on Freedom manual, plus SEVEN BONUS REPORTs.
A total value of $349.
Every freedom loving American family should have my War on Freedom manual.
I've done everything I can to spread the word. Now it is up to you. Now is the time to step up for your family and your freedoms. Being forewarned is forearmed.
There is not a moment to lose. I have worked on this War on Freedom manual for better than two years now and can tell you that there is absolutely nothing like it anywhere in America.
Riveting, sizzling information. Found nowhere else. And almost certainly not available for much longer. You probably won't be hearing from me again about War on Freedom.
So the time to order is now. It is your decision and I hope you step up and make yourself aware of what is coming down.
Few, if any, will warn you as this War on Freedom manual does. It gives you everything you need to cope.
Thank you so much for your time. Because it is short in more ways than one. Please act now. It is time.
Yours in Freedom and Prosperity,

Lee Bellinger,
Publisher, Independent Living

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